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Orion drive ships


Does anyone have a design for an Orion drive ship?

Some of the basics I have figured out so far;
The pusher plate must be armored to at least 22 to survive unlimited close proximity nuclear blasts.
Generators placed in the pusher plate shock absorbers will be great for power generation.
The bomb gun will make a servicable weapon, fire two bomb pellets, igniting the second to propel the first at the target directly behind the ship.
A heavier ship should allow for a higher thrust by firing more bomb pellets closer together.
Originally posted by vegascat:
Does anyone have a design for an Orion drive ship?
FF&S did mention an "Daedalus thermonuclear pulse drive" for starships, but I don't know if anyone ever used it in a design. It's not quite a classic Orion-type drive, but it's not far off.
I don't think you'd need an AR of 22 in T20.
Looking at the damage a nuclear missile causes then an AR of 11-12 will stop it all.
Impressive site Glen. I also like the JPL-based site which is referenced and I've seen before:

Might want to have the armour higher than that. The hull needs to be specifically designed for multiple, intended, close-proximity nuclear detonations not just battle damage.

Vegascat, I don't know if this is any use but have a look at this link . It is about the Daedalus.
If anyone is interested, if you click on home on the link above it takes you to a menu screen with access to a TTA site.
Daedelus uses a pulse engine, fuel pellets are energized to detonate by laser or Paws. pellets may be contained inside the ship and the explosive force is expelled.

Orion used small/compact nuclear bombs, detonated close to the ship. In atmosphere explosive pulse wave provides thrust, in space thermal pulse accelerates ship.

Similar concepts, different sources of explosive power.