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Origins 2002 Awards - Voting for Traveller

Hi, everyone.

I just received a reminder about the voting for the 2002 Origins Awards, and went to submit my ballot on-line. I was surprised to see none of QLI's product on the ballot, in spite of the fact that items like T20 are at least as good as some of the ones listed.

Nevertheless, they do have spots for write-in votes, and I gladly mentioned T20, TA#1, etc in the appropriate categories.

The voting is open, and I'd suggest that you take advantage and support all your favorite new Traveller game products and fiction. Here's the link:

GAMA Origins 2002 Awards On-Line Ballot

The public will probably tend to vote for the listed games, but a lot of QLI's product and MJD's fiction deserve a shot.

If you have the time, fill out the ballot and support your favorite designs and products.

Paul Nemeth