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Order times

Anyone know what the current delivery time is for stuff ordered off the store site. I ordered a t20 game masters screen about 2 weeks ago and still havent recieved it. I am in Indiana and it shouldnt take that long i would think. Shot an email to cust serv, but havent heard anything yet. Just wonderin.

well, there's no telling how long it will take to ship... I've had things ordered here take a good while to get on their way. Just be patient, cust. service will eventually respond.
It wouldnt bother me so much about the length of time it takes to ship, but they already charged my ccard for it. I guess if they will process my charges, it only makes sense to me that they would ship it out promptly. And if it isnt in stock currently, most places wont hit your card till it is there and about to go on its way.

It depends how Hunter has set up the storefront. It could be automated to process the order and charge the card immediately for security reasons (like not keeping your credit info on his computer) and then (being a one man show) he fills the order as soon as he sees it, which would normally be within a few hours. But these are not normal times.

And I agree, if Hunter decided to take a break from the business it would have been best to throw the switch and close down the online orders. I can only imagine he thought he could still handle them through this crisis and that the money would be needed to keep this site and QLI from dying.

From everything I've seen, don't expect an answer to the email. From my own personal experience Hunter will deliver. I just can't say how long it will take.

My best advice is record the specifics (order date, email address used, password if needed, items ordered, payment details) and drop an email and/or snail mail of that to Hunter every month or so.