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Optional Rules may be key

It seems apparent that the potential audience for the game may be looking for quite different things from D20 Traveller.

Maybe handling the "heroic" vs. "gritty" debate is to have a standard set of rules which fulfill the need of one of the groups, but optional rules which addresses the needs of the other group.

How could this be done in a way which wouldn't make the rule system an overly complex monstrosity?
I'm working on a game system (yes, another one). The way I'm doing mine is I detail the rules as is. If there are any varients to a rule I list them as optional. In the Role Playing section I detail the various ways the game can be ran, such as High Fantasy. I also detail the different ways in which the game can be run, such as Railroading (which do not like). I feel that it will mostly benefit new GMs, but it might also encourage all GMs to find out what the players want and try to accomodate them all.

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Some of my favorite systems are heavy on the optional rules. Like Spacemaster, CT, CORPS, Hero, CF.

I'm working on myy own series of game designs (all at a crawl), which have options in them even in early drafts.

I hope that T20 is likewise endowed with options.

And I like RazerD's idea: delineate the optimal combinations for specific feels.

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