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Old Hand Looking to Get Back into the Game (PBEM or whatever suits your fancy)

Greetings all,

I'm an old Traveller player from way back (bought the little black books in the original set - with the laser firing on the back of the box - way back in prehistory). I haven't played Traveller in probably 10 years or so now. Always played face to face, and was most comfortable in the Spinward Marches, pre-Fifth Frontier War (although I did enjoy playing the Fifth Frontier War game immensely). The system was classic traveller with modifications for the most part, though I did participate for a while in a Megatraveller campaign.

At this point in time, would prefer a PBEM role, with not too many turns per week (depending on the detail required). Willing to take a role in an existing crew, a start up game, a solo, or even as a "nemesis" or bad guy character. Whatever floats your boat. Comfortable running any from a one-man ex-scout operation, to a world-building mercenary organization, to a pocket empire beyond the borders.

Please e-mail me if you think I can be of service to you. Thanks,

Larry Reese
I am also an old Traveller player from about 10-15 years ago, and have only the Little Black Books.

Take a look about 2 posts up in the recruiting forum "looking for CT PBEM campaign" posted by me. We are getting ready to start a T20 game in a classic setting.

TKalbfus was kind enough to convert a character from classic to the new T20 version for me, as I don't have the T20 rules. Not sure how many players he's looking for, but I believe there's two of us so far, so perhaps you could contact Tkalbfus, who's running the scenario... Good luck, and happy Travelling,
I've started the scenario. Basically the party is stranded on a planet. If you are interested. send me a classic Traveller character and I'll converted to T20. I could put your character in the other life boat. I like to keep the adventure going at a certain pace. Generally the more players, the longer each turn takes, so I like to keep PBEM groups small. I can put your character in another lifeboat and have it land on another part of the planet. The characters could meet up later. We'll see how it works.

Sounds interesting. Can you give me more details? Also, I have no Traveller materials at this time, they are packed away about 900 miles from where I sit. I can use an online character generation program I think and then forward the results to you for conversion, or am open to other suggestions.

Looking forward to it.

Larry Reese