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Off-World..alternative MT Setting

Hey there,

we just had our first session of MT last night using the Off-World setting. We came together as a group and decided on elements for the setting that we liked etc
there's a pdf handout that the players got at the beginning of play to download and updates of various bits of info will be posted as we go on...

yeah...THS was a fairly big influence even considering we didn't have any of the books. We were mostly trying to achieve a balance between THS, Alien franchise, Pitch Black and things like Firefly...

The first session starts with the character waking up on a abandonned Genentech research facility. Their cryobeds have deactivated automatically once the Fusion reactor powering the facility has shut down and battery power is reduced to critical levels. After some investigation they find that the genetic clonal research involve production of clones of the player characters but the facility had been abandonned about two years ago for some reason. The planet itself is quite environmentally hostile and being without food or drinkable water, they search for a way off before the next continental magnetic storm hits in 15 hours.

They make it to the nearby Starport (E) and refuel the Transport with mere minutes to spare. Then a navigation error brings them smack bang into an asteroid field which they managed to scrape themselves out of.

They make the jump to the next system closest and within jump range with a mining colony....
I like the setting and in general like seeing what people do with non-OTU Traveller settings.

I would suggest you take a look into getting the Centauri Knights pdf. It is very similar to Transhuman Space (written by the same author before the Gurps books) but is in some ways better and might be useful for your game. That and it's cheap. Originally written for BESM which translates rather easily to CT (and hence MT) especially if you are a subscriber to the current JTAS (which has a CT / BESM article).

Hope you and your players continue to enjoy this game. (right-click whirrr as saves handout pdf)