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NYC Travellers?

Any New Yorkers around here? I moved here about three months ago.

Putting together my cafepress store (chock full of Traveller goodness) has reawakened my Traveller love, and now I'm hungering.
Ooooooo! Your Store sells Traveller merchandise.... a Solomani t-shirt!!!

.... must....get.... Solomani....t-shirt!! tempted to buy.... K'kree... coffee mug!!

By the way, are these shirts immediately available? I mean, it seems like you are offering tons of different designs. Do you actually have them on hand, at all the diffrent sizes?
Very nice, has there been much call for the Traveller thong? If so, perhaps, you could breach your privacy policy and send my email along...

Notwithstanding, I am tempted to get the buttons, coffee mugs and t-shirts.
I bought Two Baseball shirts, with the Imperial sunburst One black one red...Thanks for my new referee shirts....I almost wish I could head down to New York
I am not _so_ far from NYC, but it is an effort (and expense) to get there. What's in it for me? ;)