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Northern Cal


Starting a traveller game in the Mileu 0 setting mainly but perhaps other settings as well in Northen Cal (Sonoma County- Near Santa Rosa). Considering meeting once every other month. Scenario based rather than caimpaign based but has campaign possibilities. Have a Physics background which I may use to add atmosphere. Emphasis on role-playing and problem-solving rather than systems engineering or wargaming but room for some SEing and WGing Also want to play the combat wargames (Mayday, Snapshot etc). Have over twenty years experience in the traveler universe but experience a 'great rift' time when I gave it up for a few years and am recently returning.
Seeking adult, fully socially functional and fun individuals.

Contact by e-mail: taishon@sbcglobal.net
I'm in Pleasant Hill, but once every-other month sounds like a great frequency to me for gaming. I'll shoot you an email.