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North of NYC

I used to play RPG's back in the 80's. My old friends have started up a D&D game, but I'd really like to find a Classic Traveller game in my area to join.

Rockland, Westchester, and Bergen counties are all do-able for me. I there anyone out there that is willing to add on another player?

I can't believe no-one has answered this. Where are all you NY players?

Back a decade (and more) ago when I lived in Somers for 6 months there were plenty of games to be found. Must be all those IBM geeks have something better to do with their time now.
William: Are you referring to the "festeria" site on blogspot - or another game? Are you a member of the game you mention? Is there an opening for another player? Is there some other person I should contact for more info?
Border: Is it possible/likely those IBM'ers are at another message board? Do you remember anyone to contact from that time? Can you suggest another way for me to find a game...

(I apologize for my ignorance - Please keep in mind I've been entirely out of things for 20+ years)

Thanks for the info.

I live in Cambridge, but may be moving to some other gamerless one-horse town. I got to school in Troy. I know another guy that is down near Albany, and we have been trying to set up Monday Nite Traveller. It may be too far... we have been unsuccessful so far in getting together due to my hard schedule at the moment.
'allo, Baron, I'm still here, and whenever you have time, gimme a call! And yeah, Mondays are good!

As far as the original post goes: unfortunately, Westchester and the surrounding area is a bit of a haul from Albany...ever think of moving north to Tech Valley...? ;)
Baron, what you are describing sounds like GeoCon. There is no reason, why not, make it a reality. Many small Cons grow up to become great things all you need is a facility that can house many gamers look at Phantasm (http://www.peterboroughathome.com/phantasm/) with what can be done with extraordinarily small budget.
Money is why not. If I was loaded enough, I would buy a four bedroom place and gut it. Make a Gamer bed and breakfast or something. Take the con out of it and replac iet with "pub" maybe.

All I know is that there had BETTER be an "old Gamer's HOme" when I retire, or heads must roll. Assisted Living Traveller, anyone?
Will the Old Gamers Home come with Old Fasioned Dice rolling or that new fangled computerized random number generator?
Dag Nab it!
You Young whipper snappers got no respect for the old ways.
Why, when I was your age, I used to.......ZZZZZZ
I bet anyone a shiny wooden nickle or a moon pie that said residents of the above institution would live alot longer than your average old folkser in similar surroundings... mental engagement is key to a long and happy life...

... provided of course every meal wasn't Pringles and Hot Pockets, what?
Baron & Ken:
Newburgh is a little less than an hour for me, Kingston a bit more. So we may be looking at something do-able here. You can contact me directly: tfrancov at yahoo-
tfrancov, yes. The ref is the same. He is also on this board. I was playing, but I am not sure what is happening anymore. There was a change in the playing times which conflicted for some of the players.
Originally posted by Border Reiver:
I can't believe no-one has answered this. Where are all you NY players?
There's a ton of us up in Central NY. You know Syracuse, Oswego, Rochester, Utica areas.