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Noble Ranks

I ahve a couple of questions about the noble titles in the SOC table on p.9. If this was already addressed in the original T20 playtest, let me know and I'll drop it.

First, and most important: a baronet really should not have the same SOC as a baron or baroness. A baronet is simply a hereditary knight, not part of the formal peerage (this distinction is made in Megatraveller's essay on Nobles.) I'd either move this title down to the same level as Knights (SOC 16) or place it between knights and barons (SOC 17).

While we're talking about knights, where did "knightess" come from? It sounds really silly. Even "dame" is only sort of correct. A knight can be either a man or woman; "Dame" is just the honorific corrsponding to "sir" for male knights (e.g. Sir Alex and Dame Judy are both knights).
Originally posted by hunter:
All are Classic Traveller canon

OK, now that I look, I see that.

However, given that you now have a more finely divided scale of SOC ratings and an unused line, it seems to me that you could easily adjust this slightly, setting Baronets between Knights and Barons, without doing any harm to canon.
I'd have to agree with Tom; putting it at 17 makes it both historically more correct and evens out the spread a little, though it isn't canon.

Change for the better is good.

'Course, I could always just make it a house rule.