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Night Parliament: A new T20 PBEM (Long)

My Lords, this is posted to announce the Launching of "Night Parliament", a new T20 Campaign set in the Core Sector in the year 1100...

We are looking for Six to Eight committed players. I am hoping to have it one part Three Musketeers/Dangerous Liasons, one part Rollerball (the old one) and just a pinch of Dune. The Game will cinematic in flavor, with all mechanics handled by the Referee. Players are to focus on characterization and describe thier character's actions...


The Players are all members of the Imperial Nobility, either by heredity or by merit, all working in the service of the Duchess of the Cadion Subsector, Who has selected the Night System for a seat of power...

Each Player Recieves an Imperial Patent of Nobility and a number of Holdings under thier control... These can be estates, Stocks, Property, Businesses... Each player also gets a fund to design a customized personal Starship.

With vast resources at your command, the burden of duty heavy and surrounded by intrigues, how will YOU serve your Duchess and the Imperium?

Initial Character Creation Steps...

Step 1: Statistics
You get the following scores to apply to the following statistics… in any sequence...

18 16 16 14 14 12 12


Social Standing To be determined by Referee
Psionic Potential No Characters are Psionic

Step 2: Select Race
Only races restricted are:
If you are going to be an alien, I will need to know how you have come into Imperial Service, you may not be an Imperial Noble in some cases, but a representative of another government working in the same circle, but always for and with the Imperium.

Step 3: Select Nobility Type

Hereditary Patent of Nobility… the PC is from a family line of Nobles. The Character MUST have at least 2 terms of the Noble Class. Details of this are worked out between Player and Referee.

Merit Patent of Nobility… the PC has performed some task or service to the Imperium that has earned a place in the Peerage… this is usually Military Service, but also includes Diplomatic, Scientific, Economic, Cultural, and Legislative.

Step 4: Select Homeworld

I suggest you pick a world from inside the Jump 6 Map, though you can be from the Night system if you want to. If an Alien, then you are from farther away, of course...
The only Stipulation is that the Homeworld selected MUST be Tech Level 15

Step 5: Automatic Skills, Feats, and Beginning Modifiers

Initial Skills
Speak/Write Native Language
Speak/Write Galanglic
Speak/Write ?
Speak/Write ?
Pilot Grav Vehicle
Pick Three Homeworld Skills (choice depends on world)

Initial Feats
Pick One

Step 6: School?
Pick Two Skills, one is Major Study and one is Minor study… for every year of school, add one to the Character’s Education Statistic… also add one Skill Level to the Character’s Major Study, and .5 to the Minor.
You can go to school at any time during your career…

Step 7: Choose a Class

You can Multi-class only once, but must end your character’s career history to date with the Noble Class… Examples:

Professional/Noble, etc…

Available Classes

Navy Must Choose Sector, Subsector, or Imperial Navy
Professional Diplomat, Bureaucrat, etc…
Academic: High Profile Scientist or other intellectual
Scout Special, this would be a renowned Explorer, perhaps retiring or retired.
Marine Special, only 1 PC may be a Marine…

Step 8: Plan your Career

The level of society that you operate in allows you a greater degree of direction as far as your career history goes… also, you start at an earlier age that most characters, at the age of 14… Terms of Service are all still 4 years, but in any order the player decides, as long as the last term is in the Noble Class…

Example Career Path:

Count Makus’ Prior History
Age 14 – 22 8 years at the University of Sylea, High Honors Graduate…
+8 Education, Diplomacy-8, K/Imperial Law-4

Term 1 Imperial Navy

Term 2 Imperial Navy

Term 3 Noble

Term 4 Noble

Term 5 Noble

Term 6 Imperial Navy (reactivated for 5th Frontier War)

Term 7 Noble

This Character would be 50 years old at the start of the Game… you plot the path, and the Referee will give the results… note that it is normal for characters of your place in society to live to be 120 easily…

Step 9: Conceptualize
Name the character. Write a brief bit about his or her background, a couple of paragraphs… find a picture of what the character looks like… the Referee can help in this. Go for it!

Step 10:
Pick Skills (Player and Referee)
Pick Feats (Player and Referee)

Step 11:
Receive Final Noble Rank and Holdings. This is a big step….
Possible Noble Ranks:
Count :

Any Takers? Any Questions?

Originally posted by Baron Saarthuran von Gushiddan:

Step 2: Select Race
Only races restricted are:

Does this mean no Solomani descent nobles or no nobles from the Solomani Confederation/Rim? There're quite a few Solomani nobles out there I'd wager.

Step 11:
Receive Final Noble Rank and Holdings. This is a big step….
Possible Noble Ranks:
Count :
No knights? :( So all members of the peerage and associated with no more than a few worlds. That fits the theme nicely. Is this step done by SOC alone during Prior History / chargen or played out between player and Ref?

Solomani Nobles are not permitted, but those of solomani Descent that serve the Imperium, are...

Knights are to be the Player Character's Servants and Agents... or close advisors. picking the right person for the right jobs are one of the game's many challenges...

Social Standing is Determined by the Referee and given to the Player at the start of the game, along with the Noble Holdings...

A Lot of the action happens in the Jump 6 area around Night, but it often stretches to Capital...
Originally posted by Baron Saarthuran von Gushiddan:
Any Takers?
Yes, I think I might go for that. I normally despise nobles, so playing one should do me good.

Any Questions?
1. It appears we have a staff -- bodyguard, valet, secretary, pilot, whatever. So I would concentrate on building a noble, and not worry too much about the operations side? Except where it's appropriate, of course.

2. Should I apply to join that MSN group?

3. What have we got in the way of setting information and where does one find it? [The answer to 2 could cover it, but other readers might like an idea.]

4. Can I have an Ursa valet called Smithers?
You start out with your title and Holdings, and then decide what you need in terms of staff... bear in mind that you must equip, house and pay those that work for you... a list will be provided when the time comes...

2. Yes, if interested, you should Join the Group, if you wish to play...

3. all will be made clear, Milord...

4. Perhaps an Ursa as a Curiosity... you'll need to find one... and bear in mind, they are a Solomani Creation... it would be a dicey venture...
I suggest you pick a world from inside the Jump 6 Map, though you can be from the Night system if you want to. [...] The only Stipulation is that the Homeworld selected MUST be Tech Level 15
I looked these up. To save others the effort, here are the TL15-16 worlds within J6. Descriptions are "speculative" and tongue-in-cheek.

Night (0839 Core) A5749C9F
Mid-range hi-pop with taint. Charismatic oligarchy, medium-high law.

Little Jupiter (0901 Massila) A8B2855F
200 million people on a dry world with a corrosive atmosphere under feudal technocracy. Maybe they all live in orbitals and skim chemicals from below.

Kaggushus (0402 Massila) A442AA7G
TL16 lets you put 90 bilion on a small dry world with thin/tainted air. They must really like the charismatic dictator.

Arar (1104 Massila) B233A72G
TL16 also lets you put 50 billion on a small vacuum world. This lot are balkanised and wander round with gauss rifles. Gulp.

Unnamed (1440 Core) A58A69CF
Medium TL15 water world with breathable air, 3 million people. Sounds nice, except for the bureaucrats and extreme law. Retirement home for conservative billionaires who suppressed the name to keep it quiet?

This Atlas seems more in line, and does not lack as many details as the other... the map sources I have looked at seem pretty consistent, save for the Allegiences during the rebellion... Night, in that timeline would be under Lucan's control

On another note, the low size, massive population Worlds mentioned by Lord Morte are worlds almost entirely given over to the population. Not only are these worlds literally covered in Centuries-Old Arcologies, but also have host to extensive orbital cities... reasons are myriad for this, from social taboo to cloning out of control...

Members of the Peerage from such worlds are definitely "People persons"
If this Campaign is a tenth as well thought out as the Characters I have seen so far, it promises to be one of the best, ever!

There are only two slots left in this game of high adventure and political engineering!
If this Campaign is a tenth as well thought out as the Characters I have seen so far, it promises to be one of the best, ever!

There are only two slots left in this game of high adventure and political engineering!
Changes In Skills

Ship’s Boat Skill has been replaced by Small Craft Skill. This covers any non-starship Space Vehicle.

“Drive” Skill has been replaced by “Pilot” Skill. This Pilot Skill applies to one type of Vehicle… Examples:

Pilot: Aircraft
Pilot, Small Craft
Pilot, Watercraft
Pilot: Starship,
Pilot: Grav Vehicle
Pilot: Tracked
Pilot: Wheeled

“Perform” replaces “Entertain” and it covers any performance art, such as Music, Music Instruments, Singing, Dance, Acting, etc…

Language Skills
Language Skills now cost a maximum of 3 Skill Points… 1 point for each aspect of the Language… IE, 1 point each for Speak, Read, and Write in a given language… this reflects advanced instruction techniques and diversity of language forms
New Vacc Suit Feats Explained

AP: Vacc Suit
In NP, everyone over TL 9 is familiar with Vacc Suits. They are the Life Preservers of the 57th Century. Anyone can wear a Vacc Suit, but those with out this feat will find it an awkward experience, to say the least.

AP: Combat Armor
Combat Armor is a highly advanced suit of protective armor. It has all the basic life support functions that a Vacc Suit has, but the added advantage of being highly resistant to battle damage. Those without the Combat Armor Feat suffer penalties to Movement and most actions that require dexterity, like combat, for example. Combat Armor Proficiency is limited to military classes.

AP: Powered Vacc Suit
A Powered Vacc Suit is a powered exoskeleton, designed for heavy-duty construction or Hostile Environment work. The Powered Vacc Suit is all encompassing, and grants substantial Strength to the user, as wwell as excellent protection from most hazards. Powered Vacc Suits cannot be safely operated without this feat. They are at a substantial disadvantage in Combat, as it is akin to fighting with a Forklift or other piece of construction equipment.

AP: Battledress
Battledress is the Ultimate in personal protection. It is a form-fitting array of advanced servo-mechanics and feedback responders… Substantial Training is required for these devices, and those that would use Battledress without the Feat run serious risk of personal injury or in extreme cases, even Death. Possession or use of Battledress without authorization (Military or High Government Authorization) carries a MINIMUM sentence of ten years in Imperial Prison. Sale of Imperial Battledress to outside governments constitutes Treason, usually punishable by life imprisonment or execution. Battledress is usually issued to elite Imperial Forces.