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New weapon designs

Some time back I asked for input on “new” weapon designs. I decided to try some new designs to see if I could get the ball rolling as it were.

Tech-11 50mj Point Defense Dual Laser Turret
LTR-50-1-4: tunable gravitic focus remote dual turret laser. Can be overpowered to -4 Diff Mods with 55.6 MW power input.

Vol (m3) Mass (ton) Pow (MW) Area (m2) Price (MCr) Crew Short Medium Long Extreme
42 70.068 111.2 10 2.014 0 1:1/6-18 2:1/3-11 4:1/2-5 8:1/1-3

Focal Array Diameter 1.5 meters (two focal arrays per mount)
DE: 50mj
Max Effective Range: 1.2 hex (36000km)

Designed as a basic point defense laser capable of engaging missiles before they reach detonation range. The weapon has two small (1.5m) focal arrays mounted parallel to each other. When linked with other point defense lasers thru an MFD effective anti-missile fire is achieved.

Designer notes: As a simplified system of point defense fire, I either allow each individual laser to fire once at it’s –4 dm against one missile, or once plus whatever the –dm modifier is against multiple missiles (ie. The –4 dm allows each laser five shots, against one missile five times or five separate missiles declared at time of firing)
Nice work Theo (may I call you Theo?)

I've designed similar weapons systems to this. A TL 12 twin 45mj Turret and a TL 14 Triple 100mj Barbette and a TL 15 Twin 50mj Turret, all with MFD's built in at the gunners workstation so that the "Cans" can be dropped into sockets on merchant ships to seriously upgrade their capabilities.

Thus my query, does this mount a gunners workstation or is it a remote mount opperated from either an MFD elsewhere on the vessel or a reconfigurable workstation elsewhere on the vessel?

P.S. I pretty much run the same house rule you detailed in your "Designers notes".
This is a remote mount. Designed to be linked through an MFD, preferable an MFD with a dedicated point defense computer.

Next up, a TL9/10 autocannon/mass driver pd weapon. (If I can find time to design)