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New Vancouver


In anonther topic, I described that Canada will receive from U.K. a small part of the British Beowulf continent (about the size of Newfoundland)in exchande of its participation in cleaning up the Beowulf's Kafer infestation.

What do you think of this?
As a Canuck, I have some thoughts:

1. Why New anything? (namewise)
Canada is full of lovely little words in about 60 or so aboriginal tongues, plus lots of colourful names from the mists of the past. Why just rename it after a large city? I mean, even Vancouver would feel a bit slighted perhaps, as they become less unique. And Captain Vancouver didn't discover this new frontier either. Just suggesting it might be more interesting to find an appropriate Haida, Objibwa, Cree, Blackfoot/feet, Huron, Algonquin, Mohawk, Innuit or other name. Myself, I think "Cherry" would make for an interesting colony (mandatory checkered sports jacket and high-collared dress shirts required dress).

2. I think these kind of land grants make sense. I could see Canada shipping out half a dozen mounties for about 5000-10000 colonists. (A good ration of Pol:pop is 1:400, average is about 1:1000, RCMP today is somewhere around 1:2000 in many places, part of why they get lots of contract policing jobs out West since less guys/gals = less cost). They have a big base of knowledge about colonization, a highly educated populace, and lots of experience in peacetime space and colonial issues.

3. It better be cold enough for the CHL (Colonial Hockey League) and the ISL (Interstellar Hockey League) to field teams. If it isn't, something tells me there will be domes and refrigeration...
As another fellow Canuck, I agree with Kaladorn's thoughts about the possibilities with aboriginal names, or names from one of the numerous immigrant cultures that have populated Canada. But a possible justification for colonists naming a place as "New Vancouver" (or whatever) would be as a tip of the hat in gratitude to the city/community/organization which sponsored part of the costs of shipping out the colonists in the first place.

Possibly. Something tells me that the Federal Gov't would want in on it though. They'd want to do something like name it Pearson or Trudeau or Clarkson or Guite or something...
The reason why I chose the name "New Vancouver", was due to the simple fact, the situation of the Canadian colony was somewhat similar to the location of British Columbia in Canada.

I thought it suited well. Note I thought naming the first Canadian Base/City: CFB Onadaga (speling??)!
Checked and Captain Ramage commanded ESAS Pathfinder (built in Glasgow) and discovered Nyotekundu, Bessieres and Augereau.

The early days of exploration seem quite like CJ Cherryhs Alliance universe.

Ah, well, you're probably right.

Mind you, I think CFB Ojibouay, Huron, Haida, Kwakiutl, Innuit, Blackfoot, Blackfeet, Algonquin, etc. would all be good choices too.