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new Twilight:2000 fan website


Greetings everyone,

My name is Jason (aka Alathan), and I'd simply like to let you all know about a Twilight:2000 fan site I'm setting up. The URL is:


It's skin'n'bones right now, but I have a lot of plans for it (who doesn't?)... but one thing I *can* boast is that I've pulled together a fairly complete list of *active* Twilight:2000 fan sites on the net (or at least as many as I can find). So at least it's good for something right off the bat, right?

Please drop by the site and look around, post in the forums if you like, and let me know what you think.
I like your site, Jason
although you are missing some of the more active T2K website.
1. Paul Mulcahy's website which is updated pretty regularly. It contains some of the more comprehensive lists of weapons, vehicles and other equipment for T2K. He also has a list of the national inventories for just about every country on Earth, need to know the standard pistol for the Kenyan Army, he's got it. ( Note: Scroll down on the Left panel to find the T2K stuff)
2. The RPGHost T2K Forum the most active discussion forum for T2K on the net.
3. Jason Weiser's website which has a nice mix of weapons, vehicles, area intelligence and T2K Fan fiction.
4. Not really an active site per se, Orrin Ladd's California Dreamin' website. It has Orrin's take on California in the T2K universe.
Ah, thanks!!! I figured there had to be some more sites out there that I hadn't found yet. Much appreciated!

It was a very pleasant surprise to find so many people still into Twilight:2000, especially after all these years and after GDW's demise.
You have a very good website for T2K. A great plus for me was the ME info you added on. I use the ME game system in place of other game rules.
Thanks a lot.
I'm also considering using the ME rules for a new Twilight:2000 game I want to run, but I haven't decided yet... need to talk it over with my players first. I'm glad it helped you, though. There's a lot of great Millennium's End stuff out there that people could use to enhance their Twilight games... and vice versa.