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New Traveller Site

I've just set up a new Traveller website at the following location:


The material on the site is primarily for Classic Traveller. Come download PDF forms and use the online generators to create npc's and subsectors. Look for more items of interest in the near future. Please note that as the site is new, you may find problems with the layout or the software. Your feedback on the site is welcome.

Many thanks for the folks at Downport.com for providing a wonderful home for this new site on their servers!

Nice site keep it up
Good look & feel... reminds me vaguely of the LBBs in format and sizing. Comfortable.
When generating characters, I notice that Merchants and Pirates were getting ships as a mustering out benefit without being rank 5 or 6.

For the subsector generator (which looks really cool; I would not have thought you could get such a good appearance out of plain ASCII text) I recommend using a different symbol for those worlds that don't have water present, perhaps a "O" instead of the "@"?
Thanks for the positive comments, suggestions, and bug reports everyone! I should plug Berka's 1001 Subsectors, which does more than my script does and which was the idea behind generating hexmaps.


1. There was indeed a bug where any merchant or pirate could acquire a ship while mustering out; this has been fixed, and will also fix any other similar irregularities with mustering out benefits. Thanks to Oz for finding this!

2. Desert worlds that are not asteroids are now represented as "O" characters instead of the "@" symbol. Good suggestion Oz!

3. In another thread, blackirish56 noted that Scouts were not getting at least two skills per term, an egregious error on my part. This has been fixed. Thanks to blackirish56 for finding this bug!

I'm working on Animal encounters next; stay tuned.
Update! The site has been updated with an animal encounter generator. You too can have pouncers, reducers, chasers and killers running amok on your planets in the time it takes to go to:


In addition, numerous amendments and fixes have been made to the character and subsector generators, and some annotations have been made available describing the tools' features and limitations.

Aw, FCS, leave us a bit of work to do, would you? You're just making life too easy. ;)

You know, I think the way the original Traveller dealt with animals/"monsters" was really fantastic. They provided a solution to a very real game problem - how to populate a universe of worlds with wildlife - with a simple, elegant system. The only problem with it is the number of die rolls you need to make!