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New research projects from NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts


Oh dear, I just had a geekgasm.


Principal Investigator Proposal Title Organization State
Duda, Kevin Variable Vector Countermeasure Suit (V2Suit) for Space Habitation and Exploration The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory MA

Ferguson, Scott Enabling All-Access Mobility for Planetary Exploration Vehicles via Transformative Reconfiguration North Carolina State University NC

Gilland, James The Potential for Ambient Plasma Wave Propulsion Ohio Aerospace Institute OH

Gregory, Daniel Space Debris Elimination (SpaDE) Raytheon BBN Technologies VA

Hogue, Michael Regolith Derived Heat Shield for a Planetary Body Entry and Descent System with In-Situ Fabrication NASA Kennedy Space Center FL

Hohman, Kurt Atmospheric Breathing Electric Thruster for Planetary Exploration Busek Co. Inc. MA

Howe, Steven Economical Radioisotope Power Universities Space Research Association ID

Khoshnevis, Behrokh Contour Crafting Simulation Plan for Lunar Settlement Infrastructure Build-Up University of Southern California CA

Kwiat, Paul Entanglement-assisted Communication System for NASA's Deep-Space Missions: Feasibility Test and Conceptual Design University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign IL

Mankins, John SPS-ALPHA: The First Practical Solar Power Satellite via Arbitrarily Large PHased Array Artemis Innovation Management Solutions CA

Miller, David High-temperature superconductors as electromagnetic deployment and support structures in spacecraft Massachusetts Institute of Technology MA

Paul, Michael Non-Radioisotope Power Systems For Sunless Solar System Exploration Missions Pennsylvania State University PA

Pavone, Marco Spacecraft/Rover Hybrids for the Exploration of Small Solar System Bodies NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory CA

Ritter, Joe Ultra-Light “Photonic Muscle” Space Structures University of Hawaii HI

Scott, Gregory Low Power Microrobotics Utilizing Biologically Inspired Energy Generation Naval Research Laboratory DC

Short, Kendra Printable Spacecraft NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory CA

Sibille, Laurent In-Space Propulsion Engine Architecture based on Sublimation of Planetary Resources: from exploration robots to NEO mitigation NASA Kennedy Space Center FL

Silvera, Isaac Metallic Hydrogen: A Game Changing Rocket Propellant Harvard University MA

Slough, John Nuclear Propulsion through Direct Conversion of Fusion Energy MSNW LLC WA

Staehle, Robert Interplanetary CubeSats: Opening the Solar System to a Broad Community at Lower Cost NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory CA

Strekalov, Dmitry Ghost Imaging of Space Objects NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory CA

Stysley, Paul Laser-Based Optical Trap for Remote Sampling of Interplanetary and Atmospheric Particulate Matter NASA Goddard Space Flight Center MD

Swartzlander, Grover Steering of Solar Sails Using Optical Lift Force Rochester Institute of Technology NY

Tarditi, Alfonso Aneutronic Fusion Spacecraft Architecture University of Houston at Clear Lake TX

Thibeault, Sheila Radiation Shielding Materials Containing Hydrogen, Boron, and Nitrogen: Systematic Computational and Experimental Study NASA Langley Research Center VA

Tripathi, Ram Meeting the Grand Challenge of Protecting Astronaut's Health: Electrostatic Active Space Radiation Shielding for Deep Space Missions NASA Langley Research Center VA

Werka, Robert Proposal for a Concept Assessment of a Fission Fragment Rocket Engine (FFRE) Propelled Spacecraft NASA Marshall Space Flight Center AL

Westover, Shayne Radiation Protection and Architecture Utilizing High Temperature Superconducting Magnets NASA Johnson Space Center TX

Whittaker, William Technologies Enabling Exploration of Skylights, Lava Tubes and Caves Astrobotic Technology Inc. PA

Wie, Bong Optimal Dispersion of Near-Earth Objects Iowa State University IA

Printable spacecraft?!?