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New Handguns


Any new ideas for hand held weapons out there? considering the advances in the last hundred years, what can we expect in the next hundred? Is the Snub pistol the best we can expect in portable personal protection?
How about a caseless pistol? Something based on an action similar to the HK G11. Small, light, slim, easy maintenance, lots of bullets, fair penetration. Maybe a 4.7MM is tiny for a handgun.

What do you have to say?

In the end, Murphy will rule
Nothing in the rules says that 'modern' (ie. TL11+) autopistols use cased ammo... They very well may be caseless, but that wouldn't in and of itself improve ballistics much.

Now, what the rules DON'T take notice of is the improved armor penetration of some rounds.. Take the Fabrique Nationale FIVE-SEVEN pistol FN FIVE-SEVEN .

This pistol is the companion to the P90 submachine gun. Both were designed around a new round: the 5.7mm AP round.

Now: do you want your players to have +2 to hit on players using cloth or flak?
Guass weopans are tiny rounds that use Exactly that principle for their armour pentration so why not.

God I wish I had the link. There's an aussie weopan inovation out there called 'Metalstorm' I think... in a way it's a fallback to the Mitrailuse and other turn of the century volley guns...

but WHAT a fallback. it's design is ... Unique.

The way it's made ... it's inventer claims it can do duty as a battle rifle, a squad support weapon, a replacement for claymore mines, and aparantly the US -is- looking into a varient of it for use as a replacement for the Gun in the Phalanx air defence system.

I'll have to find the link...
Sounds fun, especially for the ammo seller. Have to try to get some specs on it. May end up compairable to the gauss rifle.
You are on the right track here, but "Imagination" Two years in the millenium, what else are we going to see? Many of the best ideas come from dead ideas out of the past.

In the end, Murphy will rule
i belive weare going to see more and more plastics and fiberglass handhelds. we definetly will see less iron. Corning (and other glass makers) are actually experiment with new type glass weapons. knives AND small pistols. right now as we speak there is an almost all plastic pistol being sold BUT not in the States. the trend is smaller and smaller more powerful rounds.

with allthis being said i still wont disreguard or
forget about the laser - thats probably where the next realy big breakthru will come And it will be in our like time......
going WAY out there in left field....my all time favorit SCI-FI traveller pistol is the one the ancients had - the pistol its self "gathered lite"
from any source. "compressed lite" and fired lite!! its like a prepetual motion machine - never had to "load" it - just point and shoot!!!
we have part of the concept now - we can gather lite (nitevision)
Looked at that Metal Storm. Why 1 Million rounds per minute? :eek: Kind of excessive, unless you want to sand a tank to death. Not to mention, hard to supply. At 4,000 RPM you run out of ammo in a figter in a very few seconds. Call it an early version of a VFR Gauss gun. I noticed the claim of no moving parts excluded recoil mechanisms and other needed things. kind of makes a person wonder what else wasn't said. :(
Well give it... what.. 3 k years? (isn't 1100 something like 5.3K AD?)

And either it will be in the 'dustbin of history' or a old and very refined design.
It's not that you would fire a million rounds, even if you had it - these guns have only about 10 rounds or so in them, but the technology is interesting for small arms because you can fire out all of these rounds essentially before recoil can even put the gun off target.
The classic CT snub pistol fires a very low low powered round. From Book 4, it's a "10mm, 7 gram bullet at velocities of 100 to 150 meters per second." The rounds listed are tranq, gass, HE & HEAP. No slug rounds due to the low power.

Good for shipboard work. Limited range otherwise, and rounds moving so slow you can probably see 'em with the naked eye. According to TA#1, T20 rules, the base range of Snub is 18m, compared with the 45m of a standard autopistol. The range is also less under the CT rules.

Now...given that if your characters are looking for trouble, they should carry a longarm anyway...but they probably don't/can't. I'd rather have an standard autopistol. Larger magazines, easier to conceal, etc.

I'd figure that TL10+ autopistols are pretty rugged and reliable. Standardized sealed magazines containing caseless rounds.

At TL13, you get gauss pistols. More damage, better range, larger magazines. Many players are quite fond of the gauss pistol.

Laser weapons in T20 require the power pack, so unless you like that lanyard effect, a bit of a pest. Hmmm...anybody up for a chemical laser writeup for T20?
Velcro attachments on the sleeves are one way to handle that pesky power cable, if yo have the time. those cables do have a tendency to get caught on just about everything, just when you need them the most, Murphy in action.
Instead of something new...here's a few things old....check out the Dardick:


It's a revolver, but one that fires special triangular shells (Trounds) that are loaded into a clip like an autopistol...you get the ammoload of an auto with the reliability of a revolver. It's also modular so you can convert it onto a rifle on the fly.

If you want to go really old there is the rocket (yes, rocket) pistol that Van Dreyse designed back in the 1840s....about the same time he was making flechette rifles for the Austrian Army...
Originally posted by eclipse:
Laser weapons in T20 require the power pack, so unless you like that lanyard effect, a bit of a pest. Hmmm...anybody up for a chemical laser writeup for T20?
I never liked the chem/excimer laser CLC cartridges from TNE. Too messy for what they do and adding an ammo cycling device to otherwise delicate laser weaponry spoiled the "flavor" of the weapon IMHO.

IMTU I had 10 "shot" clips that showed up at TL13 instead. The "clip" forms a short extension to the hand grip on the pistol and fits into the standard power cord socket. Pistol and carbine clips are interchangable. The rifle clip is larger and will not fit the smaller pistol/carbine socket.

I also halved the weights of the other "packs" at TL13, and introduced a 50 shot rifle casette which straps under the barrel.

The character ends up carrying the same amount of weight as he/she would with the lanyard/pack rig... but has to swap magazines more often. The chief benefit is a more compact weapon.
GUNS GUNS GUNS _ PISTOLS PISTOLS PISTOLS - over and overagain - and in different threads!! (sometimes) PLEASE PLEASE GIV IT A REST FOR at least a week!! :(
Sorry Jim.
Yeah. lots and lots of gun talk. The Revolver thread is talking about armour. Snubies thread is currently quiet. And I have something I'd like to add to this thread.

Maybe we should get section of the forum just for gun talk. heh.

seriously and on topic though:

I disagree with the postings here that say, metal guns will cease to exist. Yes there will be new tech. In fact, we don't have the body pistol as described in the rules yet. We have pocket pistols yes, we have guns with plastic or ceramic parts yes but we don't have pocket pistols made entirely out of materials that do not show up on the weapon scanners of our own tech level let alone the tech of the future.

However, raw ores will exist aplenty in the far future. even limited ones such as tungsten and titanium will exist in sufficient abundance that the temption to use steel or other common metal alloys will always be there. Especially for mass produced items. Especially on below average tech Imperial worlds.

I think the Revolvers and autopistols of the OTU (for the most part) will not look out of place in the pages of whatever current RL 'GunNut Gazzette' you happend to prefer.
Originally posted by trader jim:
GUNS GUNS GUNS _ PISTOLS PISTOLS PISTOLS - over and overagain - and in different threads!! (sometimes) PLEASE PLEASE GIV IT A REST FOR at least a week!! :(
Aw, come on Tradr Jim. Lots of interseting stuff in these threads. No one is FORCING you to read these two threads. :)
Originally posted by trader jim:
GUNS GUNS GUNS _ PISTOLS PISTOLS PISTOLS - over and overagain - and in different threads!! (sometimes) PLEASE PLEASE GIV IT A REST FOR at least a week!!
OK... lets talk AMMO!!! :rolleyes:

Barring that, there is always peripheral add-on goodies for guns, nifty gadgets that go on guns... and all sorts of associated tech for guns.
I think Garf suggested this, but I have been playing with it for awhile.

Propellant and materials technology will continue to improve and allow pistols to fire more powerful ammunition. The FN Five-Seven IN 5.7x28 and the HK 4.6x30 PDW are the begining of this trend.

I would like to suggest that a TL8 revolver use the Revolver range matrix and Carbine weapons matrix. At TL 9 the Carbine weapons matrix is used for autopistols and the assault rifle weapons matrix for SMGs.