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new game starting


i will be starting a new Traveller game. the physicial location will be at a gamestore in Londonderry, NH. that's just south of Manchester, about 20 min. north of the Mass. line.

as GM, i'll be pushing for GURPS Traveller, but i am prepaired to run CT if my group wishes. although, if i could get my hands on some T20 materials, this could turn into a playtest group....

the setting will be the Spinward Marches. what can i say, i'm a purist. the date will be around the FFW, either right before or right after, depending on the characters and what they want to do.

if anyone lives in the area, or knows someone who does, pass this along.
Ah, if only I were in NH subsector instead of AL, I'd be glad to take up your offer: Spinward Marches, circa Fifth Frontier War, Classic Traveller is my exact cup of tea (I'm a purist, too
). In any case, I wish you good players and good Travelling...

Wendell (IMTU tc++ !tm !tn !t4 !tg ru+ ge+ 3i+ c+ jt- au ls+ he)
I live in the area. Well, next state over. I've played Gurps but never Gurps traveller. your campaign sounds interesting. we'll talk
I, too, live in the MA sector. Not very mobile though, couldn't make the trip up more than once a month. Sorry.
to answer your question I live on the boarder of Boston and Milton. that would put me at the edge of the burbs. I have no car but N.H. is reachable by commuter train. I'd need to know the closest stop...
"N.H. is reachable by commuter train"

damn, dude, who told you THAT bold-faced lie? you can get close to the NH border, maybe as far north as Haverhill, but it's easier to get to Milton from NH than to Haverhill from NH. Even the Lawrence stop is a bitch to get to.
Yeah, I found out yesterday.... I guess I'll start checking the busses. I can't believe there's NO public transportation to N.H.
there's also no public transportation IN new Hampshire. we're a small, poor state. no busses, trains or such.
Got me from the South Shore in MA.......You don't want to 'move it on down' about thirty thru-the-city miles?

Oh, well....no sane sophant would go through the 'Big Dig', either...


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well, i might be starting a new job in the manden area. if there is a place to play, i might be up for it. anyone know a good, accessable game store?
Malden ! That's somewhere I can get to! The only Hobby store I know of is called The Hobby Bunker. They're at 78 Exchange street, and they've got a lot of Game space.

"People's Republic" is Mass. slang for Cambridge, as in "People's Republic of Cambridge."

i always thought it was funny that, in a very liberal state like Mass., the citizens thought Cambridge was too libral even for them.
I’m not too particular as to setting. Spinward, rimward, it’s all good. In general, I’m very much the role-playing type; lots of dialog, character development, double dealing and intrigue. I’m not a gear head or someone who likes a lot of combat.
I rent a vehicle about once a month (wouldn’t want to own one in this town). So unless we can find a rendezvous site inside the MBTA perimeter, monthly is what I’d be able to do.