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New Equipment Site

Excellent site! I'll take a dozen type 9 powered vacc suits (or should that be Maschinenkrieger?) :D
"Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!

The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer."

We are watching this site.
Our current law level does allow it to operate on this world.

All items not available in certain States of North America and other countries.
Baron, great site. Can you break it up into pieces, though, for those of us on dial-up? Post a menu (like LL Bean, or something) with different sections?
Oh, and do you have a way to make thumbnails of the images? They appear to be full-size images just scrunched down with the html code. That makes them take longer to load (the Clarke Classic is almost 100k).

Just some html tips. I love the idea.
(Nice "boots" BTW on the Clarke Classic!
I'm going to modify it as we go, the equipment was originally for the Corsairs game I'm running, so we needed a freebie repository for the stuff... once I learn more about the ins and outs of website finesse I'll tune it up a bit...

I can't tell, but is that guy wearing the Clarke Classic wearing sneakers? I had the good fortune to see a near perfect replica of the Red Suit (Bowman's) at Planet Hollywood in NYC, it was stored in a crate, and NOT on display! They were fortunate that I wasn't too disgrunted an employee, because otherwise, I'd be wearing that sucker now! The Helmet in particular was awesome!
Yeah, it sure looks like he's wearing moon sneakers (high, platform sole).
Can you imagine having to retie your boots in a vaccsuit, wearing the gloves? :eek: