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New Deckplan Site

I've just put up a website with some T20 deckplans at the following address:


At the moment there are two vessels represented. One is my own take on the T20 version of the classic S-Type scout, with a CT spin on the increased cargo capacity. The other is an original design; a four deck, 400 ton large scout, which utilises cutter modules for operational flexibility.

The only other item on the site at the moment is a subsector map for Hinterworlds/Darvis, where I'm planning to run a campaign (when, I can't yet say). I'm intending before too long to add clickable hot spots to this and put up some original world maps and background material behind them. As far as ship designs are concerned, the next one may well be a Far Trader plan updated for T20 and circumventing some of the problems of the classic but flawed "Empress Marava" layout. I haven't started on this yet, however.

The site host adds a banner at the top, which is OK except that its occasional refreshes will make the "Back" button on your browser a little flaky. To help overcome this, I'll put on more navigation buttons next time I refresh the site. The site design at present is pretty basic.

I hope the plans are of some use; my hard drive is stuffed with maps, deck plans and building layouts I've filched off the net over the last few years - it's probably about time to put something back ;)
Very nice. I love your scout/Courier -- the two-deck engineering area is a great solution to the problem of the short height of the Type S.

Any chance of getting a cross-section to show exactly where the outer deck lines are? (I have a hunch that the center cargo bay is slightly clipped.) And do you see that cargo bay as having a solid floor between the upper and lower levels, or is it one open space?
I believe you're right about the cargo deck clipping - I had some "edge" lines on the working plan but deleted them when I'd settled on the layout, and I believe they passed through the leading corners. But I decided that for game purposes I'd allow myself a little fuzziness round the edges
Well spotted!

The central cargo bays are separate, one deck each; the upper one is specified as the air/raft hangar, the lower as the mission pack space, though as they're identical in shape, many mission packs will fit in both, as long as it isn't important which side is outermost. I've not specced out the packs in any detail, except to determine that a Model/3 computer/sensor combo plus auxiliary power plant will fit very snugly.
Originally posted by Merchant Reaper:

Do you have any of the official Hinterworld maps?

Yes, though the Challenges in question are packed away in a box somewhere. I need to dig them out before I do too much more work on the sector, though the level of detail beyond simple UWP data is fairly limited. In their absence I'm working from Stuart Ferris's "Heaven & Earth" program (which used to be at www.downport.com, but the links are all broken).
Originally posted by ninthcouncil:
Originally posted by Merchant Reaper:
[qb] Ninth,

In their absence I'm working from Stuart Ferris's "Heaven & Earth" program (which used to be at www.downport.com, but the links are all broken).


any link that's broken for H&E opn that site should be fixed by adding the /~ferris/ after the http://www.downport.com

they had to do a re-org and all of the links aren't fixed yet....

Originally posted by Dynamo:
You have a very nice site. What do you have planned next?
I've just uploaded an A2 Free Trader plan (replacing the one I put up a couple of days ago, which was a bit broken, but then that's traditional for the A2 ;) ). I'm concentrating on things I think I need for my forthcoming campaign, so the only other likely ship designs are an all-new 200 ton large scout, and a TL10 SDB, but I probably won't bother deckplanning the latter. Some more world descriptions and Hinterwords background material should find their way up soon as well.