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New CD Product Question


I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question, but anyway, I recieved a notice from MArc Miller announcing a new CD compilation of 2300 stuff, I think, and there was a blurb about the the rules of the 'Great Game 2' rules also being included on the disk? Did I get that right? I accidently deleted the email, so that's why I'm asking here; it seems to be a company related board.

I have the downloads of Steven Alexander's kind of sort of rules for 'GG2', not a complete set of strategic rules, and another page from somewhere giving a 'short and dirty' basic guide to GG2's economics.

Does the CD have a complete set of the strategic game rules? It is the one alledgedly used to develop the game from Twilight 2000 to 'current' 2300 timelines and colonial development, if that ringd a bell with anybody. Any info appreciated. I don't do much roleplaying anymore, but I would like any higher level rules systems that can be combined with it to play a more sophisticated game.

Thanks, E.