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New BITS deadtree products?


SOC-14 5K
I was wondering if anyone out there knows if BITS is considering more deadtree products to support their Traveller line (excluding Power Projection)?

As I was wondering if they had ever given thought to re-publishing Encyclopedia Gushemeshe or Encyclopedia Dagudashaag for Jae? And perhaps, a smattering the UK Traveller magazines or Best of Signal-GK fanzine? With updated art. This could be a relatively easy project, as opposed come up with another brilliant adventure like "Delta 3 is Down" (although, I would wholeheartedly endorse more adventures).
andy spoke a little of this at hebden bridge in may - he said they had been tied up with power projection for some time . he said he had considered 101 worlds - kind of a combo of lifeforms/govts etc but also they were looking for ideas for a new 101 book ....

however seeing as this board is run by a different company , this probably isn't the place to post 'em .

i'm also hoping for more quality stuff from bits (and q.l.i.) soon :)
Remember this company that hosts this board also actively sells BITS products in NA. So if they are planning to re-release, say, things from S-GK or the Encyclopedia...I think the great majority of fans would be interested and cry: MORE, MORE, MORE!