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Need help with Deneb Sector data

Hi All,

I am wondering if you can help me. As part of my build out of a db on the Spinward Marches, I am looking for data on both the marches and neighboring sectors.
I have found out that Digest Group, IN the "MegaTraveller Journal 3", put an 8 page item out that had a write up of Deneb Sector. Is this true and does anyone have it? I have Traveller's Digest #19 which has the sector map with XBoat routes and some library data. Sadly, I do not have Traveller's Digest Volume 1 #1 which detailed The Pretoria Subsector. I largely need only the spinward 4 subsectors od Deneb(Pretoria, Sabine, Star Lane and Gulf).
if anyone can help with Scans, I can reciprocate if you have anyting you need from my library.

Let me know what you need if you have it and I will check my library

Email me at: commander.truestar@verizon.net


What era are you looking for? Deneb was only detailed by DGP, and therefore the earliest it is covered is for 1117+. (Yes, I know some subsectors were in very early TDs, but the sector as a whole is only for 1117.)

You best bet is to get the TNE Regency Sourcebook PDF from DriveThru RPG. This will give you the UWPs for all Deneb for both 1202 (TNE) and 1117 (MT).

Regardless, PM me.
TD #1 has Pretoria (A) and TD #2 has Atsah (H), circa 1100.

I did a quick compare of the data in "The Early Adventures" (which recaps TD 1-4) with the GEnie data on Zho's site:




- In Pretoria, all Dd allegiances were Im in 1100. (No worlds traded hands)
- In Atsah, all allegiances were Im in 1100. (Other allegiances were Rebellion-era incursions.)

- A few computable trade codes are missing in the printed 1100 data (e.g. "Fl")
- A few "nonstandard" trade codes are missing in the GEnie data (e.g. Xb, O:xxxx_
- Pretoria and Atsah (worlds) should be capitals of their respective sectors (marked Cp in 1100 data)

I didn't see any base, zone, or UWP changes, but I just did a skim and random sample, not 1:1 comparison.

Hope this helps.
You're Map rocks Joshua

Could you make the Name and data on the side, when I do a search, able to but copied so I can paste it?
I use your map for online gaming and this would help. I'm the Navigator so I need to look up our destinations and relay the info to my pesky crew mates ;)
Another source for pre-Rebellion data is the Atlas of the Imperium.

To get my pre-Rebellion information, I just took the DGP MT data and used the allegiances from AotI. As Joshua has found, I also noted that DGP only changed the allegiance information. They didn't change any of the UWP or even base information. (Kinda funny to see a supposedly Vargr conquered world still running an Imperial Naval base.)
Another good sourceof data (though by no means complete) is the Regency Sourcebook for TNE. This gives 1117 and 1202 data for all of the Marches and Deneb, 9 susectors from Reft and 4 from Trojan Reaches.

I've not compared them with MTJ3 though.
Thought I'd point out that the following sources all have Deneb info in them:

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A long time ago, I started putting together a clean set of data for the Classic period, but only did a few sectors. Fortunately, Deneb was one of them. A few people probably have those files...
I'm casually glancing at Deneb, based on data from Daryen, and I decided to draw out the borders.

Even with the rift, Deneb seemed sort of lackluster. I don't know how correct the allegiences are, but the coreward border gives the sector some character.

(Please note that the x-boat routes marked here are uncanonical).
Is it just me, or do all of the sectors from Deneb to trailing have a more coreward Imperial border in subsector A than B/C/D?
Joshua Bell wrote:
Is it just me, or do all of the sectors from Deneb to trailing have a more coreward Imperial border in subsector A than B/C/D?
You're right. One of those odd repetitive anomalies that occur from time to time in the maps. I guess random isn't always random.

In the Atlas of the Imperium (surely an authoritative source) there are whole swaths of systems that are repeated over and over again in the Aslan Ealiyasiyw and Iwahfuah Sectors. On a plain dot map they look like wave crests or sand dunes rippling through the starfields. Probably somebody got bored rolling up systems and decided to take a short cut.

Eventually they got fixed. Those anomalies don't show up in the Solomani and Aslan dotmaps. But who would notice other than a few frustrated Scouts and cartographers? I wonder if anyone has actually run an adventure in those sectors?
Deneb is my preferred stomping ground. You might want to take a look at my Deneb concordance page. This links to many online articles as well as referencing library data from the publications I have.

If you have a JTAS subscription I am gradually filling in details for Deneb Alpha quadrant, starting with the L'sis Main (along the rimward edge of Pretoria) and surrounding worlds.

Originally posted by Truestar:
Hi All,
I have found out that Digest Group, IN the "MegaTraveller Journal 3", put an 8 page item out that had a write up of Deneb Sector. Is this true and does anyone have it?
FYI - yes this is true, but I am sure it is copyrighted so I would not want to post it on the web anywhere. You might want to check the other references in this thread as I have no idea how accurate the Digest Group data is.

My personal preference here is to remove the actual star Deneb from the region. If it's there, and is true to todays magnitude data, then it amount to being like a lighthouse. You will be able to identify it with the naked eye for a very large region of space. Kind of takes the fun out of misjumps.