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Need a weaponeer to review a Meson Gun Spreadsheet


SOC-14 1K
Evening all,

I'm slowing figuring out the various design systems for TNE and decided to work-up a spreadsheet on the weapons in FF&S. I based my layout on the Ssw-v spreadsheet created by Ragnar Granit. Unfortunately, my numbers are not the same starting with the Tunnel Cross-Sectional area. Would someone who knows the Meson Gun design sequence and has a spare few moments be willing to look over my work. I am using Excel 97/2000 to build spreadsheet. Please note the spreadsheet is for space vehicles at the moment.
Hello RichardP,

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner, my phone service has down so no contact. Thank-you for volunteering and I'll be sending you the draft in the next day or so.

Originally posted by RichardP:

I will have a look at your spreadsheet, I have used the mesong gun design sequence a few times. I would prefer the excel 97 version.

My email is


I'll guinea pig this for you... though be warned, I'll be comparing you against my modded versions of Annti's old spreadsheets.