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Near star list update



Just as a general heads-up...

For the past week or two I've been working on translating the RECONS list of 100 nearest stars into something more meaningful for RPGs like Traveller or 2300AD - into galactic co-ordinates and distance in parcecs. I was actually doing this with Traveller in mind, but I've now got an accurate list of locations for these stars in X,Y,Z co-ordinates in the J2000.0 epoch as well. (the ones in 2300AD were taken from the Gliese catalogue that used the 1950.0 epoch, IIRC).

This image shows a 'top down' view of the space around Sol, looking down on the galactic plane from "above", extending for a radius of about 6-7 pc in all directions. It doesn't show the vertical relationships between the stars, but they can be found at all 'heights' above and below Sol. Each grid square there is 1pc x 1pc.

I'm just showing it off here as a work in progress so far and just in case anyone here is interested, and I'm not hoping it'll be incorporated into 2320AD canon.

EDIT: I had some Traveller specific stuff here, but I cut it out and posted it on the IISS board as a separate thread - so please go there if you want to comment on that part!

I'll try to get a webpage set up about it when it's done anyway (with all the X/Y/Z coordinates too), if people are interested.
Looks good. I once tried to do something like this using CHView, but I ran out of time.

As accurate as this may be, it, for the moment, can't be used in 2320AD. The old map, with the old data, has to be used. Too much of the background and history is predicated on that map and the relationships it has.

Colin 2320AD writer,
On the lookout for Tintin goes to the Moon...
Oh, I know - that's why I said I was NOT hoping it would be incorporated into 2320AD :D . I did brielfly compare my map (which was made in CHview, incidentally) to the old Near Star List map and it was generally similar, so that was promising

I still figured that people would be generally interested in it here anyway ;)

I'll put the CHview file on the web too when I put all this up on my website.
Cool Set of Maps... one seems missing, though...

An overview "View-through" with heights... (Yes, that would mean some would be multiple in a hex..)

Nice job!
Unfortunately, a 'view-through' would get VERY crowded, and would be pretty illegible. You could always print them out on transparencies and overlay them though ;) .
Kill the detail data, and do star-marker with height alone... ;)

thn you get less crowding..
Right now I'm looking at about 130-140 systems within about an 8.5 parsec radius from Sol on the maps I've got (and even then, I bet I'm still missing about 30 M dwarf systems). It's gonna get crowded, no matter what I do