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names of weapons

trader jim

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does any on name their hand held weapons, edged or otherwise? they used to ...way back when....

kinda like the Hobbitts.....Sting......
Originally posted by trader jim:
does any on name their hand held weapons, edged or otherwise? they used to ...way back when....

kinda like the Hobbitts.....Sting......
Are you talking real weapons or RPG weapons?
My old GM liked to dish out names for magical weapons to make us think they were more powerful than what they were. Devilish wonk!
I never have named my own RPG weapons... They just aren't real enough to me to earn one. In RL, my rifles all get named. Usually girls names...Does this mean something???

In Farscape John Crichton has named his pulse pistol Wynonna.

Small aside: Holy jinkies!!! 5 am on Saturday and I'm wide-friggin-awake!!! :eek:
In my basic training we were instructed to name our rifles.

I named my 1958 (date stamped) FN FAL 'FoeHammer'
(to keep the theme I named the bayonet 'Sting')

A buddy named his after a sword (heaven help me if I can spell the name) that was featured in Schiller's Cycle of Operas that included "the Ring of the Neibelung"

When I returned to my home unit and was issued instead with a newstamped plastic and tin 'm16' clone. I named it 'American Woman' After the song by the guess who.

None of my personally owned weapons ever had names. ... except perhaps a repitively crooned "precious... my precious".
I haven't named any of my firearms. Don't know why. I guess "The Ruger", "The Mauser", etc is sufficient.

My old Epee de Combat from my fencing days was "Lucretia".

The rattan practice sword I used in the SCA was "Shieldbreaker." She named herself.

1959 Pontiac: "The Dragon"
1967 Buick no name
1975 Dodge "Devil in the Blue Dress"
1976 Dodge no name
1988 Chrysler no name
1993 Pontiac. No name. Deserved one.
1999 Ford Van "The Grant"
My fencing foil is universally known by the colour of the grip as The Nasty Blue Thing.
My mistake I think it was wagner.

It was the one Leiji Masamoto um... ... is the word plaguarised libel?... (and is it plagerism to steal the music, plot and half the names?) to make the anime released in North America as 'Harlock Saga'.
My SCA Axe is "Oathkeeper";
My SCA 9' spear is "Liam's Q-Tip"

RPG wise, I named weapons for ADnD, much like Maspy's GM/DM did, to give the PC's a sense of history (AND imagined power--so it was +0/+1 vs Nebbishes--it was MAGICK, and it had a "name" (enjoyed 22 years of watching half the gamers trying to "talk" to these weapons!

In Traveller, I had my SCout PC (and 1st one at that) Doc OMalley name his twin bareled Sawed off shotgun, "L'il Miss Betsy".

"Miss Betsy sez, Ya'll play nice, or she'll be talkin to you reee-al soon." (Or how I broke up an altercation where the PC who had the m,ost Soc wuz gettin the fire whupped out of him by a jealous Hubby and his six brothers.) ;)
Names of Weapons

In an RPG I am playing ( Somewhere Else ) --

I am Tamie Kris Jawohl - a sort of Mercenary.

I have a 15mm shell-firing Machine Gun, which is intended to be fired double-handed with a chest plate, but I fire it single-shot without one.

That one is called "The Meat Axe".

It is carried in an on-the-back Holster - and drawn double-handed, over the Left shoulder ( I am left-handed )

I also have a short 6mm Pistol - which I simply call the "Gunny".

Oh yes - this RPG is set in a Firefly / Serenity Timeline.
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Splinter's shotgun

In my present game my character Splinter has named his shotgun "Toecutter" after an incident that really would be best forgotten....
In RL there's the story of PFC Nicholson, in Iraq, who named her M249 SAW "Camille". (Hopefully this link works.)

In my Traveller games I've noticed my players tend to name HMGs and similar hardware but not smaller handguns.

Maspy beat me to the Farscape reference. Though only one gun ever got a name (even when Crichton had other guns) ... and only one DRD got a name.

This is making me think I should award some sort of 'signature weapon' bonus.
This same coversation happened on a martial arts forum I was on.

The question "what do you call your sword?" Was answered by one chap with, "I call my sword DARK BRINGER, because I keep knocking out the lightbulbs"
Had a character in CyberPunk with a couple things, all her grenades had color co-ordinated "Party Favours" stenciled on them. A knife she called "stupid sharp", if you were stupid, it would cut you. Had nicknames for her pair of pistols, her subgun and her sniper rifle. Her custom bike was depending on the day The Beast, or my baby. It was a theme thing.

Had a named sword in Palladium, End of Days. Rune sword with the Soul Drinker power.

Had a druid whoes club was known as the Whomping Stick.
Naming things

My first cars: 71' Duster was named "The Bomb" due to the burned out CherriBomb brand glass packed mufflers that made so much damned noise and "The Rattle Trap" was the most commonly used name for my 73' Camaro that was slowly shaking itself to death one piece at a time.

I never named any blades or firearms, but I have referred to batons as "be good sticks" or "ugly sticks".
Had a marine character in a long ago campaign. He received a beautifully decorated semi-auto shotgun when he retired. Named it 'Baby'. As in "Nobody puts Baby in a corner". And yes, in close quarters he could certainly dance with it. Geez, I'm showing my age.:p
My dress blade is named Toe-biter. It's nailed four people in the toe due to careless handling. Myself included. Two through the toe-caps of their steel-toed boots.
handgun nick names

Worked with a retired U.S. Marine armorer. It seems the most common malfunction of the officer's compact pistol (late 1980's) was the tendency to be rendered inoperable when dropped. They began to call them 'rocks', because that is what you had in your holster if you ever dropped it and failed to have it checked by a certified armorer.