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My First Character (Education and Career)

Looks like I did this character wrong too (but I'm figuring it out, so it's all worth it). A trade school graduate does not select a minor, so that must mean that any of my rolls on the academic list that were 3 or 4 were really nothing.

Taking my first [6] roll on Academic as Craftsman, my character now has only 9 Master Points (Trying for Craftsman is going to be brutal!) and is:

UPP: 468566
DNA: 2364XX
Homeworld: Clown B431975-E Hi Na Po Cp
Age: 28
Fame: 3
Money: Cr 30,000
Equipment: Scout Ship (and no idea how to operate it)

Career: Scouts-1
World: Clown-4
I figure every significant event as a Term, so if Anne's failed year when she didn't make it into the Scouts would be a Term of 1 year, labeled Term X Failed Scouts or some such reminder cue.

I just saw the entrance requirements for the "Functionary Career" and realized that a Term is going to need to likely be 4+ years...unless 3 failed attempts at becoming a soldier count for this....would they?

Or, perhaps that should be 3 x successful Terms?

I always figured it meant Career Terms, you don't have to have made Risk/Reward, but you must have must have been in the Career to try being a Functionary in that Career. Usually it takes around 3 Terms.