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MT Task Resolution Lists

I primarily play CT, but use the MT Task System from time to time.

Has anyone ever "published" a list of tasks, routine or otherwise? I think that even a short list would not only supply a judge with ready made tasks, but would help him or her to write their own.

If one or more of these "task lists" exist, where can I find them?

Whew. Comprehensive task list?

MT of course had them built into the skill listing. So does the T5 draft (http://www.traveller5.com/playtest/tasks/Skills_Tasks.PDF).

I don't generally have the time or desire to look things up, so I try to know the skills and apply them evenly. I take suggestions from the players, which can help too, or at least provide amusement.
Comprehensive task list. Oh yeah.

I'll give the folks who did T20 some grudging respect on this matter. They do give one a fairly detailed idea of how skills relate to the game.

Now if one can just get rid of the feats, chuck the D20 for 2d6, and put it in a small black book, we might have something there.