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movement in advanced vehicle combat...

on annother note, how far does a vehicle move on a grid in T20, it says how large a hex was but not what the stats translate to (asside from actually wipping out the physics and graphing calc.) ;)
Each hex is 75 meters accross - each round is 30 seconds

hexs/hour == k/hr * 13 1/3
hexs/30 sec == hexs/hr / 120
hexs/30 sec == k/hr /10

Thats close enough for government work -

so a jeep (tl5 p287), starting stationary on a road spends a round accelerating (by it's accel rate) and is now travelling at 12 km/hr -> 1hex per turn (2 every 5 turns).

A couple of turns later, it accelerates to 25km/hr and is now moving 2.5 hexes per turn (ie 2 then 3 then 2 etc)

and so on.

Unless it was important, I would try and keep all speeds to a whole number of hexes per turn (you can't do this for slow things - but they are rare)

At least that's my interpretation.
thanks a million, i wasn't sure if there was a straight forward answer to that or if i had to calculate it :eek: . thanks for the answer man.