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Most memorable T2k moment


One player killing off three characters in one game session. His, mine and an NPC.
His character, KBDA- killed by dumb ass. Gets shot at. The sniper missed. Doesn't dive for cover. Moons sniper. Gets shot in ass then in forehead.
I gave him mechanic NPC to use for the rest of the session. He the APC into an ambush (on purpose), then proceeded to fail his driving rolls in rubble so the APC got hung up. The ambushers properly rewarded him by making him the guest of honor at a Moltov BBQ.
That is when I let him use my character figuring that the bad luck had to be finished. Silly me.
At the end of an encounter, he fell into the river after trying to jump on a boat. His swim roll failed, then failed again, then critically failed, then I called it a night and we went to tip a few suds.
As a T:2000 GM, one memory sticks in my mind. The characters were chasing a Russian KGB operative all over Poland, but had yet to meet the agent face to face. They'd had some clues, including a rather 'romantically' explicit letter from a (male) Russian commander to the agent, which had them convinced that the agent was using any method possible to gain his ends.

Then, they finally met face to face, down a corridor, as the agent (called Radek) was escaping. A very female Russian agent disappeared from sight.

18 years later, the very words still stick in my mind. One player just gaped, and then said,
"Radek's a WOMAN??"

We were 16, 17 years old, so forgive my players. But the look of shock was priceless. And the assumptions they'd made came back to shame them to some extent. Beautiful.
I haven't played in years, but one of the evenings that really sticks in mind is this. We had a large team (2 PCs each) that had made it back to the US, and were working for MilGov. We were going to go to the assistance of a town that was under seige by a big group of techno-barbs (think RoadWarrior).

The portion of the team with jump training (7 of the 12, including both of my characters) were going to parajump in outside the perimeter, infiltrate the siege works, and take out the anti-aircraft station that had been spotted on the east end of the ridge south of town, which overlooked a lake protecting the east side of town. This would let the rest of the team, as well as much needed supplies, to be choppered in from over the lake.

One of my two characters snapped an ankle in a jump mishap and was out of the action before it really got started. I would have suspected GM foul play, since I was the only person with 2 characters in the advance party, except I was the one who blew the die roll.

We worked our way in, and 4 of the team were going to do the actual deed on the AA position. My character and another guy were taking up positions high on the ridge with sniper rifles to engage any security forces coming to the aid of the AA defenders, and cover the team's retreat into the town's positions.

That part went off without a hitch - the team stealthed in close, used silenced weapons to eliminate the guards, took out the sleepers, and set demo. They then moved off the ridge and down into the town's defensive positions.

Then Sergeant Murphy took a hand. The other sniper & I were just preparing to leave our own positions when the demo went off (early). Bad guys came running. My first instinct was to stay put and hide, and just work our way out later after things calmed down - we hadn't been spotted yet, and we were some distance away from the AA position. My partner's first instinct was to start shooting. An MG opened up in response and took him down, unconscious. I sniped the MG gunner & his assistant, and with some support fire from town, I picked up my partner and headed out. I got down the ridge without being spotted, got most of the way across the field, and then was taken under fire from bad guys behind me. I started running (still carrying my partner), and one of the townies, with one of the original team yelling in his ear that I was a good guy, took one shot at me (poor light conditions, running target, poorly trained marksman). Of course, it hit me, right in the head. Luckily, it was a small caliber, and it only knocked me out.

Still, it was quite the capper for my evening. At least the bad guys stopped shooting at me. My teammates used a rope & grapnel to recover our unconscious bodies, but I was through playing for the rest of that night.
One thing I remember from a T2k game I ran was a player committing suicide. Yes, deliberate "shot in the head" suicide. My players were an eclectic bunch of Nato allies. The players were a Welsh engineer, an English SAS trooper and a Canadian pilot, with three West German Fallscrimjager npc's and the obligatory handfull of lost Americans from the shattered 5th to which all players had found themselves attached at that stage of the war. Anyway back to the story. Somewhere east of Krakow they drove into an ambush which cost them a vehicle and a few favourite npc's and a handfull of civilians they were aiding at the time. Superior firepower eventually won out and they found themselves with half a dozen prisoners. I forget how it happened now but the prisoners somehow broke free killing another favoured npc in the process. The Welsh engineer in command of the groups apc flew into a rage, quite out of character for the character, and screamed the order for the West German driver to "Run the Bas... down!" The driver refused the order as the escaping POW's were unarmed and fleeing and promptly stopped the apc and vacated the drivers seat. Shamed by the para's response the Welshman, appalled at how far he'd fallen, committed suicide there in the apc.
Totally in character, but the weirdest thing ever to happen in any one of my games.
I remember the crippling through First Aid of one of the players.

We were all in high school and one of the guys had climbed up a tree to act as sniper, with an M60. His first burst knocked him out of the tree, the referee informed him of the recoil problem and his lack of bracing, and the character broke his arm on the landing. The other two of us had First Aid and tried to set the broken arm. I tried first and rolled a catastrophic failure - so the referee decided that the arm was now broken in two places. My friend tried his First Aid and also rolled a catastrophic failure - the arm was now broken in three places according to the referee.
Thinking that it just can't get any worse, I had my character try to set the broken arm one last time - and resulted in another catastrophic failure. We decided to leave the character there for the advancing enemy to pick up (because they couldn't do any worse to him then his friends had) and the rest of us padded off into the night...
My most memorable T2K moment was the variant Korea campaign a friend of mine did. It was during the wind down part of the war, and so far we werte holding our own in Korea, with it being stalemated. Our characters were officers and NCOs of a unit, and we had command of the NPCs which were part of the unit, so whenever our characters did something, we had a gaggle of NPCs following us around. One day our CO called us together and told us that "radioactivity" had been detected, and we were to go to the area and determine what this was. We quickly went to supply and got Geiger-counters and MOPP suits, and went off to find what we thought was some sort of smuggled nuke. We never noticed the GM's puzzled expression, and he never told us why he Was puzzled. After a long gaming session roaming hither and yon looking for any trace of "radioactivity", and not finding any over the (elevated) background, we went back to headquarters in frustration. To find out the we were looking for RADIO ACTIVITY, two words, not one. The group broke up laughing, and ended for the night, one of the players making up this whole scenario of the CO and the supply sergeant having this phone conversation over how gullible we were.
To this day, all I have to do to get a laugh out of any of the members of this group is to say radioactivity... ;)

Superb story! Assumptions usually work and when they don't... WHAMMO! Hehehehehehehe...

Reminds me of two; one gaming related, the other not.

- At an AvalonCon during the 2nd Manassas campaign version in Stonewall Jackson's Way, a real communication breakdown nearly dooms the Union Army. Normally, wargames have to insert 'McCellan Was A Dope Rules' to get this effect, but this time it happened without any help. One of the Union players didn't realize that the troops arriving in Alexandria were his to command. Lee and the AVN slip around most of the Union forces and dash for Washington. The only forces that can block them are those forgotten troops in Alexandria and the commander doesn't even know they are his! Total disaster was averted by ONE turn when the player suddenly realized the troops were his and moved them into position.

- A lady friend of mine was supervising some polling for USPIRG. A co-worker came to her with a filled-out polling form she couldn't understand. The pollster had written that the pollee hadn't understood the questions because the pollee was (this is how she pronounced it) 'COR-ree-ann'. My friend heard the pronunciation and it stuck. They scratched their heads for a few minutes trying to figure oout what 'COR-ree-ann' was. Then my friend read the word again. It was spelled 'Korean'. The original woman's pronunciation had stuck in their heads and prevented them from recognizing the word! If she had said 'cor-REE-ann', there would have been no problem.

Have fun,
In Merc2000, our group signed with the Croatian mercs to infiltrate Serbia and generally cause havoc. We captured a group of 6 paramilitaries who were about to rape a refugee girl. One player wanted to execute all of them right then and there and we were fine by that. We expected him to use his AK-74. Nope. He goes back to the 3/4 ton truck, takes out a large keyboard case and behold a disassembled Boys MkI WWI Anti-tank rifle. (From Infantry Weapons of the World.) We looked at the referee and he allowed it. He said that the player could have bought one from a militaria antiquer, had a competent gunsmith recondition it and disassemble it. We did have some space in the truck.

He assembled it and told the prisoners to line up (and I quote) "Nuts to butts, Pancho Villa-style."

The Referee decreed that because of the penetrative nature of the .55 Boys round, he would roll damage (10d6) and use the result for HP loss purposes but double the damage for penetration purposes. The Hit points in the prisoner's torso would subtract from damage and the next prisoner would take what was left, and then the next, and so forth until the round stopped in someone's chest cavity.

Two of the players made a bet on whether the round would penetrate all 6 or stop. The wager was the last slice of sausage and mushroom pizza in the box.

After the roll and some subtracting, the round actually stoppped in the fifth prisoner. The last guy made it without a scratch. Thus, the term "Nuts to Butts" became a permanent expression within our gaming group regardless of RPG world and we pushed the limits of GDW rules. The executioner suggested we hijack an Anatov cargo plane and parachute out before crashing it at top speed into a C-130 on the runway just to see how many Major Hits/Minor Hits (according to Nautical/Air Handbook collision rules) the referee would have to roll. We decided otherwise.