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TAS News Bulletin
069-526(Fonnein)/Highlord/Ley, 60-993

069-526 60-993
Fonnein security forces last night swooped on a seafood processing ship operating in polar waters. Incredibly, the reason given for the ship seizure and arrest of all hands was that a SolSec cell had been operating aboard! Commander Misaan Dikiimshu of the Maritime Security Force, speaking at the scene, said “We had been suspicious of this ship for some time and monitoring communications. Intercepted comms included known Solomani Security codewords. All crew will be interrogated and those implicated as SolSec agents will face the full rigours of Imperial law.”

The reason for SolSec’s presence on Fonnein is currently unknown, but sabotage and terrorism are likely motives. Fonnein’s seabed arcologies are extremely vulnerable and during this period of war, all citizens are asked to maintain vigilance.

069-526 60-993
The Maritime Security Force’s latest acquisition, the nuclear submarine Guardian Streala today began its first mission – a combined patrol and test of a new intelligent weapon system. Since the recent expansion of the MSF, instances of illegal water harvesting have decreased by 6%.

069-526 58-993
Residents of Amalar today enjoyed the opening of a new addition to the arcology. The domed extension contains living quarters for 8,500, a shopping mall, leisure and entertainment units, two hotels and a small light-industrial area. The opening of the new suburb had been delayed by over three months due to concerns over the effectiveness of the dome in the event of a serious tectonic incident. However, the developer, Manor Maritime Developments LIC, has met required improvements and the pressurisation of the dome went ahead without incident.

Sentry/Matarishan/Ley 48-993
The Marquis Hallentine, has announced that, in co-operation with a diplomatic team due to arrive from Sector Capital Dukh, he is to lead peace talks on the planet Aleif. The current conflicts on the planet resulted in the imposition of an Imperial red-zone edict and a Navy blockade has been in place for some time now, allowing through only sanctioned medical/relief shipments and removal of Merc combatants.

The Imperial noble, speaking yesterday, said “The loss of life and imposition of hardship on Aleif’s citizens has been devastating. This is never acceptable, especially when the Imperium currently faces the threat of invasion from the Solomani Confederation.”

069-526 57-993
Speaking at Fonnein Prime’s spaceport this morning, High Counsel Dilandra Merrimani-Driscoll IV announced that Fonnein Orbital had failed to secure a tender for part-construction of new starships being constructed by Tukera LIC. Shares in Fonnein Orbital fell Cr2.40 at the news.