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More Computer Design Questions: CPU Output increasing by TL standardization


SOC-14 1K
Hello all,

First, I wish to apologize if my question has already been addressed.

Next, I am attempting to automate the design process for a non-standard computer using Microsoft's Excel 97, a very basic and no frills, spreadsheet. In this attempt I am using the information provided by errata dated 11/27/02. So far I have made the correction to the hardwiring and miniaturization examples, which I feel are correct. For the standardization examples I feel that I have the cost modifier figured out and are now correct. The examples on p229 also show and increase in CPU Output, which appears to be the difference between base/introduction.min TL and the TL at which the computer is being built. Using the Examples, uncorrected values, on p229.

Example: 10 Linear core units TL7 has a CPU Output = 10 , Standardization 10 Linear core units TL 8 has a CPU Output = 11. For the TL7 Linear the CPU Output is figured as (10 units * 1 CPU Output) = 10. I have reread the rules section but did not find direction on how the CPU Output was increased by TL standardization. Here is how I feel the increase was made: Standardized TL 8 Linear core ([10 units * 1 CPU Output] + [TL 8 - TL 7]) = (10 + 1) = 11. Does this seem a reasonable deduction?