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Missing a bit of FF&S


SOC-14 1K
Hi all, I bought FF&S1 from DriveThruRPG, and the lower left quarter of page 75 is, well, missing, sort of. Hard to explain, but simply put it's not there. Notably it's missing the Contra Grav table(s?).

Could some kind soul perhaps PM me that section, either typing in the text, giving me the gist of what it says, or whatever?

DTRPG is in the process of Watermarking the GDW stuff (THANK HEAVENS! -- what a NIGHTMARE), so hopefully they'll fix this as well, but it may well be a problem with their master book or scans.
Hmm, so they've made a pdf of first printing FF&S rather than the errata updated "mark one mod one" second printing.
I'd email them and let them know that they should either:
include the errata sheet in the pdf;
find a more up to date copy to scan.
So, I talked to the DriveThruRPG folks, and they have all of the GDW stuff watermarked now (Joy!). But they get their material from "GDW" (Marc I guess) directly, so they don't know if/when/where they'll get a "Mark 1, Mod 1" FF&S.


Can I cajole some kind soul out there with Challenge 75 for a photo-copy/scan of the article that updates FF&S to Mark 1, Mod 1? My FF&S certainly isn't "useless", but it IS impaired without the updates. And while the other FF&S errata seems to be available on line, this update isn't.
Hi whartung. I have the page correction for pgs 75/76 if that's what you're missing. It was the mail away or pick up at your flgs (can't recall how it was got*) one to replace the original goofed pgs 75/76 in the first printing. So the type face and all are a perfect match.

* though now that I think maybe it was in the Challenge issue as just a loose sheet included?

I never glued it in or anything, just stuck it in the right place, so I can scan and email that to you if you'd like. Just pm me your email. I should really put a copy up in the fLibrary too so if you want to just wait you should be able to find it there later tonight or tommorrow.
File uploaded to the fLibrary queue awaiting administrator approval. Didn't zip it since the size savings were marginal, it's about 890k as a straight pdf.

The title to look for is "FF&S1 pg75 replacement" in the "Other" section. I only did that page because it's all that needs fixing. I think I got the shading and such right and I left the margins a bit heavy all around to allow for printer chop. You will have to trim it to fit your book.
Hmm, didn't have printer access last night to test it. Looked good on screen but my printer today seems to have cropped the margins off a bit (about 3/16ths from the top). The whole page is there just when placed in alignment in the book it sits below the top and hangs out the bottom too much. And the background is still gray (very light) but if I adjust it any further I think the table shadings will disappear too. Unless I were to go in and manually redo them. Maybe I'll clean it up if I'm bored but this one's in the queue already so it may be good enough

Yep after trimming it in the book it looks good enough to me, no need to edit
Now we just have to wait for admin to see it and approve it and move it to the fLibrary
Just thought I'd bump this with a note that it is now available in the fLibrary. Thanks Hunter for the quick upload.