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Minis fanatics


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For all those Minature fanatics or Striker players have I found a nice site for all of you. And art lovers certainly would welcome if these minatures represented Traveller ships as they are much closer to my vision of what a mature Imperium would look like along with all those line drawing ships.

Check these out...waay cool!!!
Hmm yeah I agree, they do look a lot like Imperium style warships.

Kinda like a cross between typical Imperial cargo-box-shaped warships (e.g Empress Antiama class fleet carriers, Supplement 9)... and Klingon warships.

These sure look 100 times better than the Minis we used to play with in Star Fleet Battles campaigns. Gawd, the SFB miniatures (Ral Partha I think) I remember were butt-ugly.... they even looked worse in miniatures than they did in Star Trek Classic Episodes.
BTW, on that FullThrust website.... this ship:


..... looks EXACTLY like the image of the Solomani Escort (type SF) in Alien Module 6 (which I am reading right now)

Hahaha.... if only I could scan the image of this Solomani Escort and then post it side by side with the above FullThrust cruiser. They are almost identical.
I do like the new Updates to the Full Thrust line. I've got a large NAC fleet and I see I'm going to have to do some updating.

Of course, we all know that FT is the basis for Power Projection, Right? Right???