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Meson Communications


Do Meson comms multiple the Communications cost factor by 5 or does it add 5 to the cost factor?

For example, a Model/5 computer with with Avionics/1, Sensors/5 and Communications/5 has a cost of MCr32. If it had a Meson com presumably it would only operate as a Communications/3 but it could be cost MCr82 or MCr57. A reasonable amount of pocket change in anybodies book.

But that affects the overall price of a ship computer. The question is does it add to the multiplier or actually multiply[/I} the multiplier?
It multiplies the price of the commo element (and only the commo element) by five. I think it helps to use the line by line cost shown in the Form 3.1 details of the various ships

Computer Model/5
Flight Avionics/1 = 0.9 * 5 = 4.5
Ship Sensors/5 = 3 * 5 = 15
Meson Commo/5 = 2.5 * 5 * 5 = 62.5

Total = 82

At least, that's the most obvious way to interpret the text that I can see. If it was supposeed to increase the cost mulple by five, they would have said so, I think.