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Megatraveller support


SOC-14 5K
How likely are to see further Megatraveller support? From what I understand the HWIG has a whole CD Rom of uncompleted stuff.
I was wondering something similar myself. I have a few New Era things I'd like to publish too. I was wondering what the reaction would be to self-publishing a few things.
You would have to get permission from Marc Miller to publish anything using the Traveller background or logos, as the copyrights have reverted to him.

It won't hurt to contact him and ask if you have something you'de like to publish.
We'd be interested in material for any version of Traveller. If nothing else we might have use for it for our Traveller's Aide line. The TNE era will definitely be supported but there will be some revision so you need to run that by Martin. If you are interested in submitting your ideas for consideration, drop an email to travsub @ TravellerRPG.com