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Maybe it is a little early to ask


SOC-14 5K
Dear Santa:
(better known as Hunter, Loren, Jon, MJD, Marc)

I think I reflect the wishes of many on the list who are wondering what type of year 2004 will be.

Do we have any idea firm dates on the release of actual paper products? If so, what and & when... Could we actually hope for something that is going to blow away the competition at GenCon.

As for the electronic, they are great but mean sitting in front of this box too many times, so keep the electronic coming but don't subsitute for the real McCoy.

Thanks for the socks that you gave me on the 25th. Here's hoping that the gifts will be better on Russian Christmas.

Enjoy the cookies and egg nog (spiked just right, I hope).

I agree with kafka47 more paper products. I love reading paper but computer reading gets old and its hard to read in bed.
more traveller's aide in paper would be great.
Most of the Traveller's Aides so far have been mostly crunch that I don't read straight through anyway. If I need to look up a weapon stat or a vehicle, open up the pdf, do a search, there it is. Either copy it into my notes or do a printout if that's needed. fwiw the print versions of the TAs do print out well enough that I have a big ole binder with most of them jic.

'Sides TA#1 pdf has *yet* to be updated to the printed version or get a "printable" version. *cough cough*

This time of the year is kinda dead time for RPG companies. Personally I'd rather be spending $$ on utility bills and food than rpg products this time of year. There is the 1248 and the GT Swordworlds playtests if you're looking for new Traveller stuff.

From my experience the rpg business doesn't have firm release dates.

Dear Santa:

I could live with the PDFs in a binder but still want to see more paper products...just had a look at Starships and the artwork is improving.

But, perhaps, we can hopeful more of a free zine regularly appearing here at the CofI. JTAS is great but it is not accessible to all were we could fight and argue it out.

Therefore, it would be great if we could have a forum thread where the Ancients might battle it out like in the ole days of the HIWG.

Ok, even without firm release dates, could we have the list of things in paper that we might expect to see?

Here is some more spiked egg nog, so hopefully you will at least think about it.