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Marine division name schema?


Is their a set naming process for marine divisions in the traveller universe?
I am creating one in mine called GCD 1st Marine Division (Gateway domain, Crucis Margin sector, Delta quadrant) 1 st division created.
Any suggestions comments?

There aren't too many sources to draw upon, but I believe that Marines in the 3I tend to not have organizations above the regimental level. Anything bigger than that and you call in the Army.

I'm currently running a PBEM of the "Fifth Frontier War" boardgame and their are a handfull of Marine units for what amounts to the entire coreward half of the Spinward Marches: 8 or 10 regiments total. All have 4-digit unit designations (e.g., 3277, 2091, etc). Every other larger unit (brigade, division, corps and field army) on the Imperial side is an Army unit, except for two mercenary units (a division on Efate and a brigade on Ruie).

Obviously, feel free to organize them however you want! But I *think* that the other evidence along with FFW indicates that the Marines are all in regiments, with possibly a few brigades.

Hope this helps,

Ok. Right now imc their only 4 companies in the division and the job is babysitting a noble and his offspring in "The Reach".
Ok. Right now imc their only 4 companies in the division and the job is babysitting a noble and his offspring in "The Reach".
Four companies in a division? That's more of a battalion or task force size element.

At the risk of stating something you already know, military units are usually organized something like this:

- Fire Team: 4-5 troops
- Squad: 2-3 fire teams
- Section: often omitted, if used it's 2-3 squads per section
- Platoon: Usually 3-4 squads, sometimes more, sometimes organized as 2-3 sections
- Company: Usually 3-5 platoons for line units. One of the platoons might be a heavy weapons platoon or other specialty unit. HQ and special companies vary widely in organization.
- Battalion: 3-5 line companies, often with some platoon-sized units attached to the HQ company (like recon, heavy weapons, transportation, etc.) Battalions are usually the smallest unit organized for long-term field operations as a semi-independent unit - smaller units don't have enough support infrastructure.
- Regiment: 3-5 battalions with a varying number of platoon and company-sized support units attached to the HQ.
- Brigade: Usually 2 or more regiments, again with support units attached to the HQ.
- Division: 3-5 regiments, sometimes organized as brigades. Many support units, some of battalion size.
- Corps: 3-5 divisions, with, you guessed, lots of support & specialty units. Some of these might be as big as a regiment.
- Field army: 3-5 or more divisions with numerous support units.

While battalions are usually considered the smallest unit for independent field operations, companies and even platoons might wind up on indpendent missions and detachments. However, they're going to need to rely on some outside help for supply & support.

Yes I know it small for a division. But I leaving it very undermanned due to it is the first imperial forces in Delta quadrant, they understaffed due to the rim war. Also they were formed under the former archduke so big name and promises but little support. And it allows the players if they want to start interacting and maybe increasing it to division size.

Here is the history so far.
History after 974
As called Archduke Marshall Nells’ best reach. In the year 974 (same year the duke was appointed domain duke) The Reach decided to ally with Imperium. The man behind the alliance was Henry Drake Smith a head of one of the main trade corporations of Turku. The populace in feeling of loyalty to empire or to improve relations with the Emperor elected Henry to be the first ‘emperor’ of The Reach. An addition light cruiser (Lady Anne) was assign to The Reach with a new light marine division assign to protect the ‘emperor’. The cruiser was renamed R.S.S. Sword which was the newest ship in the Reach’s navy.
The emperor powers were supposed to be ceremonial however in the last decade Emperor Smith has been slowly changing the laws and regulations to become more autocratted. And has move against economic opponents. Smith created barons to rule over each planet.

History of GCD 1st Marine Division (Gateway domain, Crucis Margin sector, Delta quadrant) 1 st division created. The GCD1 was created by Archduke Marshall Nells to support the Imperium’s interest in The Reach territory in 974. Alpha battalion “Angry Aslans” is in charge of security for ‘emperor’ Smith, his wife and first born. Bravo Battalion “Battling Braves” is in charge of star port security and guarding the second born. Bravo is biggest battalion due having a platoon station on each star port. Charlie battalion “Charging Cougars” is in charge of security for the third born and is the training battalion. Delta battalion “Death Dogs” is in charge of security for Prince Andrew Sullivan Smith who is the forth born.
Ah, OK, so this is just the initial cadre. Gotcha. Cool idea!

With regard to the naming convention: all of the unit designations I've seen for Imperial forces are numeric, though the units may have nicknames. For example, the 4518th Lift Infantry is also known as The Duke of Regina's Own Huscarles, or frequently "The Huscarles" for short. So if you're trying to match the Imperial practice, just grab a three- or four-digit number for the divison's designation, and give them a nickname indicative of their function & lineage.

Regarding your battalion names: battalions always seem to have numeric designations in the Imperium (shades of the US military background of Marc Miller). Letter designations are reserved for companies.

In some regimental organizations, the company names are unique within the regiment, so in some cases you'll see company designations down as far as J, K and L. First Battalion would have companies A-D, second battalion E-H, etc.

But - it's your TU, do whatever works best for you!

I think that you were thinking of "Detatchment" rather than Division.

IMTU (which uses GT: Ground Forces as a basis and USMC and RM for logic bombs), Marines are organized as Regiments of nine companies (Eight line companies and a reinforced HQ/Support Company).

The Regiment is most often deployed in space with the ships of the fleet that the regiment is attached to. Generally, I rule that there is one Regiment per three to four high tech/high pop worlds. This means that some subsectors have two or even three regiments, while others have none. It averages out at roughly 1.5 regiments per subsector.

Regiments are numbered consecutively starting at 1000, and regiments who completely die out have their regimental number retired. At times when the Regiment is deployed as a combat unit, the companies are often divided into two battalions. Like with much of the IMF, this is not set in stone. The Marines' great asset is that they can custom-tailor any amount of force to any given situation. If a squad of Battle-dressed cap-heads will keep the locals' politics out of the starport, so be it. If the city the starport is in needs to be levelled, that will happen too. The Marines have the training, forces, and willpower to do it.

Regiments are in no way grounded in their local subsector, but are sent wherever the need for Marines is greatest, so you could enlist in the IMC on Dukh and spend significant periods of time moving from one end of the Imperium to another, depending on need. The only guarantee is that at the end of your term, they'll voucher you back to the sector quadrant of your enlistment.

Lastly, the 4518th is a mercenary unit of EX-marines. They are the personal household troops of the Duke of Regina and are exclusively recruited from the IMF. While they are the hand-picked troops of an Imperial noble, and in that sense are "Imperial Troops", they are not part of the IMF Order of Battle.
Originally posted by Ganidiirsi O'Flynn:

Lastly, the 4518th is a mercenary unit of EX-marines. They are the personal household troops of the Duke of Regina and are exclusively recruited from the IMF.
The 4518th is not a mercenary unit, it is the Duke of Regina's household troops. It is not allowed, or even interested, in making money by hiring itself out. A subtle but, I think, critical distinction.
Heavy Armored Vehicular Ordinance Company

(HAVOC for short) is a company composed entirely of Battle Dress Marines with Fusion Guns. HAVOC has never been deployed in full force. One squad from HAVOC Company is usually enough to take care of any lower tech situation.

Stealing a ton of ideas from this thread.