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Main magazines that dealt with TNE


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I know of the Traveller Chronicle and have been lucky enough to obtain the entire press run from the owner. But, were there any other magazines dealing with TNE or had things migrated to the web?
Things had not fully migrated to the web by that time. The only other magazine that really dealt much with TNE was Challenge.
You have the entire traveller chronicle run - very impressed!!!!

Question - What is in Traveller Chronicle No 2?

Ah Richard! #2 was my favorite not only because it was the first issue that I came to own but because of its contents...

The Far Frontiers by Dale Kemper~solid information that ought to be reproduced, if I can get permission from Marc, it might be worthwhile to have a best of the small presses, eh?

Mercury Quest by Gary A. Kalin

How to Annoy an Aslan by James A. Holden ~ an article that ought to make cannon status.

Count or Country by Charles E. Gannon

Money makes the Worlds Go Around by Terry McInnes ~ a very fine article that ought to be redone for T20.

The Zhodanian Brain by Michael Brines ~ by far the best Halloween adventure that I have ever run...A MT adventure into the depths of a research station where a brain is used fuel an organic computer. Problem is the brain is not fully dead.

Astrogrator's Update to Diaspora Sector by Charles E. Gannon

By I Wanted MY Character To...by Kevin D. Knight

A Solomani Safari by Charles E. Gannon

Don't be jealous of my collection, I cannot remember how it start...I think I just came across the advert on the Imperium Games website and signed up. #1 was the hardest to obtain as it had longed been out of print, then on eBay Nos 1-3 came up (keeping in mine, I already had #2 & #3), I ended up paying $50.00 for it, only to see #1 go for $10 the next week.

A pity that Kevin Knight and Harold Hale never got around to finishing their product. But, I eagerly await MJD's effort to re-ignite the flame.
Originally posted by kafka47:
if I can get permission from Marc, it might be worthwhile to have a best of the small presses, eh?
Now this is something I'd really like to see. Although none of it is 'canon' there was (extrapolating from the bits I've seen) a tremendous amount of useful and high-quality game fodder in those small presses and fanzines of the late-CT/MT eras, and they're almost impossible to find today (discounting certain overpriced pirate reproductions, that is :mad: ).

FWIW I also have an almost-complete collection of TTC (missing only the last couple "Children of Earth" issues), because at the time I lived in the same town/metro-area as Kevin Knight (Evansville, Indiana) and he always kept the FLGS stocked.
Challenge was an excellent magazine for TNE (IMO). I own most of them that came out for TNE (if anyone needs some info about the articles feel free to ask).
Well, supported Mr. Foster. Could we get a list going on what we would like to see in it? (and if anyone knows the copyright issues, I think most were produced without a copyright statement). All the same, I would like to get permission from the original owners, so if anyone has email address or if they lurk on these boards come forth and we can discuss the possibilities.

Obvious choices: I think would be Third Imperium, Security Leak, JumpSpace, Traveller Chronicle, etc.

Very nice collection. I have accumulated virtually the same with the help of Liam devlin, we are just now short of TC2,just have to keep checking the ebay, but at least it looks like it is worth buying.

Sadly, I traded my extra copy for the Beyond sector, a few years back... I would try keeping your eyes open, as I see TTC#1 on ebay very frequently. Purchase that one or query if the owner would have #2 and make an offer. That is how I accumulated the bulk of my Traveller collection.

Most collectors know if you are a collector, not a store are happy to part with extra items.