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Magazine Canon Issues


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I'm writing a landgrab based on Falkenberg(Falcon)/Borderlands/Trojan Reach, and have come upon two varying descriptions, one with 950 million people from Third Imperium and one with 40,000 people from Traveller's Digest (Issue 20, apparently). I think the Third Imperium issue came first (not that I'd know, you understand), and was wondering which, if either, is considered canon. Help! Help!
The confusion is the difference between Third Imperium fanzine and the re-write in Travellers Digest 20. TI was on the cusp of megatraveller and so conformed to the CT rules (which didn't have the PGB digits). I get the feeling that DGP merely took the UPP from TI without reading the description of the world provided.

The DGP product has to be canon as TI was not 'approved for use'. They are also the stats that have gone into Galactic and Heaven and Earth, so I assume its best to use DGP.
I think that its a shame really - Falconberg (i.e. the TI version) was a world on the edge - it had massive overpopulation and was annexing a nearby world to assist it. Dropping the population rather scuppers the opportunities for adventure that this fact throws up.
I've decided to do both versions. The overpopulated non-canon version comes first, the underpopulated canon version second, and have both bases covered. And wasn't DGP owned by a certain greedy Sanger? Someone who wouldn't give up the rights?

Thanks for clearing it up, Elliot!