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Lykolfian Race


Many years ago, I had the problem of the super character that had acquired some Ancient's technology trash the entire galaxie, take everything of value, then leave, oh and ruin the adventure for everyone. I generated the following race to deal with these characters as I do not like to limit the imagination of others.
I call this race the Lykolf. The racial origin is unique in that in my universe, the universe is born with a big bang, expands for a time then contracts and starts again. This race achieved star travel and escaped the destruction of their universe. They now watch the development of the current universe and are many tech levels above anything that exists now. In my universe, this race rarely interacts with developing civilizations ala star trek but will step in to prevent destruction of sectors or star systems and maintain a detailed history of their observations.
Physically, the race resembles a mineature Vargr. Adults stand between .75 and 1 meter and weigh 20 to 40 kg. All Lykolf are highly psionic and use this ability to drive their technology. Any Lykolfian technology found is usually dismissed as a child's toy due to the size and the fact that it requires highly developed psionic ability to operate. This keeps the game balanced and allows the race to deal with the mega-character. If a player were to want to play a Lykolf, they would find an infant and raise it to maturity. When generating stats, I add 3 to IQ and Dex and subtract 3 from strength. Psionic ability is always extremely high but will need training. When rolling psionic ability, I add 3 to the die roll. Any equipment used by a Lykolfian character will cost 2-3 times as much as it must all be custom made for the character. As I said before, this race is used in my campaign for balancing the game but can be used as a player chacter if they are stripped of their extreme tech level. Thank you for taking the time to read this.