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"Luxury" Safari Ship


SOC-14 5K
200 ton cylindrical hull. Manuever-2 Jump-2 Plant-2 (4 EP Total). 44 tons fuel. Model/2fib. 1 hardpoint (dual pulse laser, takes 2 EP. Fuel Processor (4 tons). Launch, 4 ton ground car (has grav backup). 1 ton capacitors. 15 tons cargo.

The Boar-class Safari Ship is basically a well-appointed long-duration safari ship. The Scouts occasionally use this design, given its fuel processor. Its ground car can be converted to an air/raft.

IMTU data: this class vessel is the type that PCs are likely to use when operating for the Interstellar Scout Corps (ISC) - given that a lot of nobles/rich people get these, at least of the ones who get long-range (comparatively) vessels and use them for exploration (these people are usually contracted by the ISC for "assistant" work - i.e. be the absolute first team in to gauge local response.
What's the TL? Why has it got a ground car, and not a snazzy grav vehicle?
Tech level 11. The ground car is the same, and it's used for all sorts of environments - it's kind of a micro ATV.