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Looking to start a T20 PBeM


Greetings (potential) fellow travellers!

I am searching for a few (~ 4 to 6) players for an online (PbeM) Traveller game using the T20 Traveller’s Handbook as the rules set. I am new to GM-ing an online game, but have played in a few, so hopefully some things have rubbed off on me.

The game will be centered on a small trader ship, its crew and passengers. A classic setting.

The ship is the Ebon Rapturious, a 400-ton Armed Frontier Trader running along the trade routes the bigger trading companies and megacorps don’t focus their efforts upon.
The current year will be around IE 1000. The region…probably Gateway, if the sourcebook is out by the time we start, or perhaps the Spinward Marches.

The ship will need crewmembers, but I’m open to other character concepts that would fit into the gypsy lifestyle aboard a tramp trader. Possible crew positions are: captain, pilot, astrogator, communications, sensors, engineer, purser, Doctor/medic, steward, gunner, etc. A single character may fill multiple roles/positions; Doctor/steward, gunner/purser, etc.

I am looking at starting the game towards the end of June/beginning of July. I will be gone the first 3 weeks of June, and don’t want to start the game only to go on hiatus almost immediately. And the delay will give me a couple months to sort through submissions and work with the players prior to the game start.

Some things to keep in mind…

1) The game will incorporate mature material into its plotlines and actions. I’m shooting to run in the PG13+ to R range.

Note – even though there will be mature & adult elements, please, no explicit sex scenes. Sex is fine and dandy but please keep it in the spirit of the genre; if it happens, make a mention of it, give it a slight gloss-over and move on.

Because of the mature adult elements of the game, membership will be restricted to individuals 17 or older.

2) Please, make interesting characters and backgrounds. I’ve gotten really tired of seeing the anti-social, stone-killer ex-Marine sniper/Special Forces/etc style of characters. If your only abilities are to glare, piss people off and kill without remorse at the drop of a hat…try again, or try another game. I will be reviewing all submissions and choosing those I feel will work well in the game and those that I think I’ll enjoy GM-ing (after all, I’m here to have fun as well).

The characters should be able to live and work together. If your character is violently anti-social and hates getting along with others, it may make interesting reading in a novel, but in a RPG it usually leads to frustration and resentment.

The characters don’t always have to agree and be super-pals, but they should be able to move forward without locking horns every step of the way.

3) Limit your character’s prior history to 6 terms (University doesn’t count against this term limit, unless your get a PhD, then it counts as 1 term). Since the characters will by default have a ship, if your mustering out benefits include a ship, either re-roll, or make a note of it and I’ll work with you to come up with some other benefit.

Character races available are Solomani, Vilani, mixed Humaniti, minor race Humaniti (Luriani, Sydites,etc), Aslan, and Vargr. If you have another race in mind, contact me and I’ll let you know what I think.

Please keep track of what Career terms you take and what Character levels you gain in each career term. When you submit your character sheet, please include this data as well.

Please write up a character background/history to submit with your character sheet. It should be at least 4 or 5 paragraphs, and no more than a page. If you have an extremely in-depth history that goes beyond a page, just give me the highlights; I may ask for the complete history at some later point.

If you can give me some character hooks, that’d be fantastic.

4) Please have a decent grasp of the written English language. Be able to use spelling, punctuation and grammar to coherently convey your message and ideas. I understand that most of us may not be English teachers and will not be expert writers, but other players and myself shouldn’t have to translate and decipher every one of your posts.

The group will be run on Yahoo. The link to the group and an email address to contact me are below. There is nothing up on the group site yet. I just created them and will be working on it as time progresses.


I would like to participate but do not have access to the D20 (GURPS?) rulebooks.
Would you consider helping me via email to generate a character?


Steve UK
Hi there Steve, it shoudl be no problem to work with you to gen up a character in T20 stats.

I approved your membership in the Yahoo group and tried to email you using the address for you in your profile, but the email got kicked back to me.

Please email me at the address at the bottom of my message above.

Look forward to hearing from you,
OK, I currently have 7 people who have expressed an interest and/or submitted character concepts/sheets to me.

So, I'm not looking for any more characters right at the moment. But if anyone wants to be kept in mind in case of drop-outs or openings, feel free to contact me.

Lord Roger,

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Good Luck with what looks to be a very cool Campaign!