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Looking to get in on a CT game.

If anyone out there in the Everett Wa area has a CT or T20 game going on, and would like a couple of participants, my brother and I are looking to get back in. Its been a few years, but we still know how to roll the dice.
I had not planned on going, but I think I could easily change my mind, and my brother sounds interested also. I probably wouldn't be able to show up until friday around 3 or so (gotta be at the slave pits).
I am in Beaverton, OR but will be at NorWesCon Friday-Sunday morning. I know a few people in the Seattle area who game CT, but usually only when I GM.

I realize that buying a membership is an awefully expensive way to game.
I may be able to play but ive never actully play a live game that lasted other than refreeing. never played T20 but if its anything like D&D 3rd edition then it should be easy enough for me. I also go to my mothers house every other weekend more or less and she lives in Snowhomish (I hope its spelled right) so thats a possiablity. What is the price for tickets to Norwest Con
If you bought them before the 15th of March it was 55$, I am not sure how much it is now.
I have the t20 rules, I prefer ct but I am more interested in playing, and it doesn't matter to me what version. I am not sure if t20 is like d&d 3rd ed. I don't remember what edition their on now.
if t20 says D20 system on the back then its like d&d 3rd edition. as of going to norwescon my dad said i have to go with an adult that he knows so the chances are pretty grim.
i perfer Classic Traveller though mainly because that and Megatraveller is what my dad and mom used to play and i have the 3 book set for original Traveller as well as NE handbook and Fire, Fusion, and Steel but the NE mechanics confuse me so i generally play Original but since i am the most experinced with the games rules im always the reffree though id perfer to be a Player Character.
Second generation Traveller players; now I feel old :( ;)