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looking for groups/maybe grip?

New to your group here so I apoligise if I've posted in the wrong area. I'm an old (started in the early 70's) rpg'er (Traveller, D&D, TNT, MA, GW,.. lots of stuff), with some gamemastering exp (D&D & MA). I am looking for a Traveller group in the Albuquerque (New Mexico) area hopefully meeting weekly. Baring that I am intersted an internet alternative (played NWN but haven't seen a great adaptation yet for T20, feel free to correct me or direct me there)such as the grips I've read about on this site. Anyway links directions or even flames (screw you in advance then>_<) would be welcomed.
Well there are games listed at the GRiP Boards

There is also support for GRiP at The GRiPList

Here is a link to a current CT game via GRiP

Here is a link to a Beginner GRiP Traveller Game

Here is a link to a T20 GRiP Character Sheet designed by Mr Bhoins

And speaking of... Mr Bhoins runs a "Klooge" T20 game. He should be along shortly....