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Looking for Gamers in London!


Hello, everyone! I’m currently running a couple of campaigns in London, and we’re on a recruiting drive for more players! Plenty of slots open – so all welcome.

The first campaign takes place on Saturdays, and is actually two campaigns! We run OD&D on alternate Saturdays, and are running a series of fantasy one-shots the rest of the time, until we choose one for our second campaign. (Some of the games we are trying out are Hackmaster, Dragon Warriors, 1st Ed AD&D, - but we are always open to others). We play from noon to five in Richmond or, occasionally, Isleworth, and are looking for players to join in one or both campaigns.

The second campaign is run on alternate Sundays, and is primarily science-fiction. We recently finished a Star Trek campaign, and are embarking on a Classic Traveller campaign at the moment – again we are looking for players. This campaign is run between noon and five, and takes place in Isleworth.

If you want to join any of these campaigns, just send me an email at Methuslah@tongue.fsnet.co.uk