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Looking for a web page...

Spinward Scout

SOC-14 5K
Hi folks!

I was wondering if you could help me out here. I'm looking for a web page. It's an alternate Traveller universe - if I remember right. But the guy did some really great almost Japanese style of graphics on it. And the universe was highly altered. I wish I could give you more info on that. All I remember is that it really impressed me. Damn bookmark misplacement!


Hi Scout, know what ya mean about lost bookmarks, went through that recently on two computers, my main and my secondary backup. I'm now building a triple redundant system :rolleyes:

Anyway I think I remember the site you're thinking of but the best I can find (and it may not be the right stuff you're thinking of) is the official Traveller Japan site with some of the artwork I think you mean (Gallery) . At least it may help you track down the site if those are the graphics you're looking for. Hmm, come to think of it the link may be lurking somewhere here on CotI. You're a Scout too, go, find it, good luck :D
Hey Far-Trader!

This was a really well put together site (as far as graphics go). The main screen had a background similar to a tatami mat, big red circle, and some alien calligraphy on the front of it. It was something to do with an Imperium, but highly divergent with the Traveller Imperium. There was a nicely developed background history, a glossary, and character types. This wasn't your typical Traveller page (and wasn't the Japanese one - thanks, tho). Now that I think about it, it might have been something with GURPS Space. I just loved the background this person created. Searching now...


Hmmm, nope, that's not it. Thanks, tho. The big red circle was about the size of a CD on the screen, and the alien calligraphy was almost, but not quite, Japanese Kanji - and it was about 1/3 the size of the circle. Whoever made this did a really great job on the artwork. But that was all that was on the "splash screen" The big red circle, the alien "kanji" and the background or texture of a tatami - or something similar. If I remember, you click on the circle to get in.

Thanks (and still searching for that missing world),

Hmm, not sure that description is ringing any bells but it sounds interesting. If you do find it you will let us all know right

Another probably useless deadend lead but the description seems to maybe fit...

"The Shipyard"

"A resource of vehicles with GURPS stats, deck plans and/or 3d rendered drawings for use in any space campaign. Also the home of GURPS Imperium. My conversion of Imperium Games's Traveller Imperium setting."

Unfortunately the link...


...is dead, kaput, 404ked, end of file. There was no other info on the bookmark page and nothing else close.

D'oh, slow brain day, why don't I ask over on the GURPS JTAS Discussion Group page says he of few gray cells and many gray hairs
I'll keep you posted.
Si is no more, Ken Hood has taken his site down. But most recently the site was mirrored at:

Unfortunately www.darkshire.org now appears to be down, so perhaps that site has disappeared too ...

I have just about all of the downloads on my hardrive, so I could cough those up if you want. Also there are a few other sites that have details about it - mainly from a Fudge viewpoint as that was the game system Ken got into after d20.
Googling for "Sleeping Imperium" finds bits and pieces, but a lot has fallen off the net (although some is still cached).
That's it! Whoo hooo! Thank you! Yeah, this is the one. I want to incorporate a lot of his ideas IMTU. I think everyone should check this page out...

Thanks again!