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London travellers again


SOC-14 1K
Hi there all - I have been out of the loop due to work strain (sorry Richard et al - its not the games that caused me to go quiet
) - Is 3-5 of the mighty London battalion of travellers up for a Saturday game once a month in central London, say 2-5/6 - we can play in my offices which are near Blackfriars/Charing cross.

TNE 1248 will be the setting - Rules - MT task system, what we can make of MT combat in a simple fashion, MT chargen, makeitupasyougoalong + Bk2 space combat.
Good - we can do it with 3 people at a minimum, as you will all be crew on a largish ship and still in active service, so red shirts can be played as NPCs.

Does the London traveller thingy still run - i've lost the links to it.
OK - game this Saturday (14 May) - central london - still places - email the above list info if you want to join
Ok - the story so far...

The Terran Commonwealth colonial cruiser Regal Splendour jumped from its dock at Muan Gwi/Vega with the mission of servicing computer parts at the fusion reactor at the Commonwealth'a outpost at Mudge/Concord.

The parts had been removed by saboteurs loyal to the former mystical dictator of Mudge, thus leaving the people Mudge without electricity. The parts were of a specialist nature and had to be manufactured on Terra itself.

Mudge is a critical system for the Commonwealth as it is one of the last worlds in Commonwealth's control to Coreward.

Since the late 1210s the worlds centred around Charuth/Concord have gradually fallen to an aggressive viral empire that calls itself the Charuth Hegemony.

The destruction of the Charuth Hegemony is the Commonwealth's principal aim in the coreward portion of its space as it will open up diplomatic routes to the United Worlds and Freedom League as well as trade routes to the worlds in the Madoc subsector.

However, the continuing threat of the Solomani Imperium to rimward means that a full on offensive is not at present possible.

The Regal Splendour stopped for refuelling and to drop off supplies at the small Terran Commonwealth waystation at Wanish Tyo/Vega. On the orders of the manager of the waystation a small team drawn from the ranks of the Regal Splendour sought to investigate an abandoned Third Imperium jump drive research facility in the wastes of Wanish Tyo's once inhabited world.

The Regal Splendour's shore liaison officer and the clerk to the Marine Force Commander were chosen for this mission as well as a two squad marines and a Vegan technician.

The Regal Splendour's team found the abandoned plant but discovered that previous Terran Commonwealth personel had lost their lives exploring the plant. After much search the problem turned out to be a still active security system that controlled a single Third Imperium high security robot. Thankfully this security system had been spared infection by virus and was relatively easy to deactivate after careful preparation.

The effect of the team's success at the abandoned Wanish Tyo plant was that perfect and unused Third Imperium jump drive parts were put into the service of the Commonwealth.

Surely one more person wants to join the crew of the Regal Splendour? Once a month or so, central London. Send me a personal message.
That the first session was not conducted entirely in the passive voice can be confirmed by this sophont.


[Setting and game look promising.]