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LMGs from "Aliens"

Blue Ghost

SOC-14 5K
Remember the stedi-cam mounted LMGs toated by Vasquez and that other marine in "Aliens"? Has anybody worked out the stats for these?
IIRC they were called Smart Guns? The "Let's Rooooock!" *dakkadakkadakkadakka* ones? ;)
I seem to remember a "smart gun" type of design, with the body harness and all, but I don't know where I saw it.

Ya know, I think it was not in Traveller. I think it was in Traveller 2300.

BTW, the "alien" creature IS written up for Traveller in a JTAS.

And, if you're eager for stats, I think I've got the Aliens RPG somewhere around here. I could look the weapon up for you. Maybe you could convert.

Seems like it would be pretty primitive (TL 9ish?).

Wouldn't Gravity stabilization like is used on the PGMPs and FGMPs work better?
Justout of interest about 12 years ago the Defence Research Agency in the UK (now known as QinetiQ and privately owned and shedding staff, real science staff not management) developed a fully operational Smart Gun with Royal Ordnance.

It had the recoil harness, HUD, rangefinder and all sorts of toys and worked quite well. They gave it to the Small Arms School to test who demonstrated fantastic results which unfortunately replicated by the RSASC personnel by firing a GPMG from the hip. :D

Having learnt that technology isn't everything the boffins retreated back to the lab to watch the the pulse rifles and sentry guns and think what they could do with those.
Seems like it would be pretty primitive (TL 9ish?).
frankly, thats not surprising, in as much as they were TL 9.

Satats are really simple - Standard LMG damage ( cause thats all they are, is LMG) , plus to hit according to whatever system you use, +1 to +3, andhave light and optic capabilities. Not very complicated, really.
Sooo... is that a no?

None of you all has had a player who wanted a gyroscopically stabilized steadi-LMG with HUD?

But not in Traveller. Shadowrun has gyro stabilised gunnery rigs and a (near infinite) number of appropriate weapons to mount on them.

In traveller they just wanted gatling weapons, and who needs a gyro stabilised rig when you have Battledress?
Weapon weight would be 10.5kg plus the harness, say 20kg in total unloaded. The harness is umpowered

I would give it a +1 bonus at best since most of the electronics are there to allow for firing from the hip. If he weapon gives any night vision boni, they are low-powered (Light Intensifier rather than Thermo-Optics)

The main use for the beast would be to allow shooters smaller than 190cm/110kg/green skin color if angry to use a maschine gun from the hip. Nothing against Vasques but the gun is almost as tall as she is (130 vs 160cm) and trying to hip-fire it would land her on the butt.
How would "gyroscopic stabilisation" even work anyway? Or is it just some magic scifi tech?
The real life DRA smartgun use what was effectively steadycam technology combined with a very effective recoil cradle. The rest of the tech was very cutting edge for the nineties but has been well surpassed today. Much of the ideas went into the OICW.
Gyroscopic stabilization is currently used on some US Naval guns.

You spin up the gyro, and regardless of firing ship's movement, (mostly rolling) it remains with barrel more or less "locked" on target.

Really nice for hitting other ships, close in, a few miles off.
Originally posted by Border Reiver:
The real life DRA smartgun use what was effectively steadycam technology combined with a very effective recoil cradle. The rest of the tech was very cutting edge for the nineties but has been well surpassed today. Much of the ideas went into the OICW.
Yeah, I mentioned it was a steadicam rig. From what I recall of the movie there was a cyberlink HUD over the firer's right eye. Cool for 90s, as you say, but what's more impressive is that it was an 80's film

We had a player in our group whose character was a gunner with such a rig for his LMG. I was just wondering if anybody else had one, and if they came up with some rules for them. We finagled something, but I forget what. He got some kind of +DM and some other frill that came with it.

For a while we let him use an HMG before we really understood what an HMG was (we didn't read the write up in Book 4 until later ... silly us
, at which point we delegated him back to an "M-60" like weapon ... not that he was happy about it, mind you).
Just want to point out that the steadicam technology won't work for a gun. It dampens movement but can't handle recoil. For that you need a some kind of recoil rig.
Hmm, it (steadicam tech) would work great for a laser though
Now I'm gonna want a steadicam mini for my laser pistol
Well, they got it to work for "Aliens", even though those weapons were firing blanks. A good thick screw and bracket is a lot more stable than a shoulder, arm and hand.

There used to be a guy who lived locally who built his own steadicam rig, and showed it to the inventor (who also happens to live in the area). His was a patchwork of armitures and duck tape when I saw it 15 years ago. He was using it on a shoot in SOMA outside some bar. A place where casual bikers met up with the avante garde and local slummers.

A real stedicam I think has a bolt fitting much akin to your standard camera dolly, and those are pretty beefy pieces of equipment. They were designed to handle the old 65mm monster camera's (a few of which are still used for special shots; the prints are blown up to 70mm).

I think a SAW would work fine on one. I think the only real question is the actual practicality of using it. It looks great on camera, but how effective would it be in an actual firefight?