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Living Traveller/Imperium

I have been thinking about the Living Greyhawk campaign I have been in, and I feel that a living Traveller campaign could be worthwhile, especially to promote the background world wide.

a) Would people be intrested in a Living Traveller campaign
b) would you like the system to be system nuteral or optamised for one paticular system
c) where would you like to base the living campaign

i) The new JG area (T20)
ii)Delphi (JTAS)
iii) Solomani Rim (SJG/GDW)
iv) Spinward Marches (GDW)
v) Broken down to regions al la Living Greyhawk (WoC).
vi) some area undefined by canon?

d) What Milue would you like to play in?

i) 0 (T4)
ii) 200 (t5?)
iii) 1000 (t20)
iv) 1100 (ct)
v) 1120 (MT)
vi) G1120 (GT)

Just to give you a feel on what I am proposing, I sudgest we play in 1000, using the whole Imperium, with certian key areas reserved for core areas (Solomani Rim and Core) for core modules, the rest of the Imperium open up for people to set up their own groups (ie JTAS will use Delphi, CoI could use the Lay).

I propose that the Living Imperium be rules nuteral (possably using the BITS task system to allow portability to all systems).

Meta events and major player events will be notified by some mechinism like SJG Traveller News Service system.

I am willing to help in the co-ordination is required.

(this message will be cross posted to JTAS and CoI message board. If someone would like to crosspost to the TML , they are welcome)

Thanks and Regards
Darryl Adams
Richard Delorme (also on the boards) has been co-ordinating a Living Traveller member run campaign. So far it's based in the d20 default setting using the T20 rules.
A few of us have been doing some bits a pieces already.

I've copied your post to Richard, although I'm sure he'll see it as he's pretty active on the boards.

Thank you for posting me. I have been having computer problems and have not been as active as I would like. I am sending an email our friendly Ausie.
Living Imperium?! Would I be interested?

Is the pope Catholic???

Since the annoucement of D20 Traveller I have been saying I wish somebody would start a member-run Living Campaign. Finally, the chance to play and not just run a game! I haven't actually *played* in a Traveller campaign for <taking off shoes to count that high> over twenty years. My only Traveller time since then has been behind the GM's screen.

Don't get me wrong, I'm more than willing to judge modules and volunteer to help with things...as long as I also get to play.

Bob Smith aka Angus
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Qstor:
any news on this?


I got a few emails from the co-ordinator, but nothing in the last month. Maybe he is awaiting the rules release?
Sounds good. Looking forward to more info!


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